NRAEF ManageFirst: Food Production w/ On-line Testing Access Code Card

By . . National Restaurant Association

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Dec 28, 2006

Table of Contents

Chapter 1        Establishing Standard Food Production Procedures


·        The Importance of Standards for Controlling Production Volume

·        Establishing Standards for Controlling Production Volume

·        Using Standard Procedures to Control Production Volume

·        Sales History and Forecasting

·        Knowledge and Skills Needed by Food Production Employees


Chapter 2        Product Quality—Know Your Product


·        Know Your Food Products: Food Inspections and Grading

·        What to Look for in Quality Dry Goods

·        Understanding Proper Receiving Conditions and Foodhandling


Chapter 3        Receiving and Storing to Maintain Quality


·        Building a System That Maintains Quality Product

·        Supplier Selection

·        Receiving Requirements for Quality

·        Receiving Procedures

·        Storage Procedures That Relate to Food Quality


Chapter 4        Quality in Food Production


·        Preparation Methods to Enhance Food Quality

·        Cooking Methods to Enhance Food Quality

·        Maintaining Quality after the Cooking Phase


Chapter 5        Food Production in Quantity


·        The Main Event—from Four to Four Hundred

·        Factors That Influence Quantity Events

·        Planning for Quantity Events

·        Working Smartly to Help Events Run Smoothly


Chapter 6        Is There Food Quality in Leftover Food?


·        A Systematic Approach to Repurposing Food

·        Options for Repurposing Food

·        Ensuring Safety When Repurposing Food

·        Ensuring Quality When Repurposing Food

·        Ethical Considerations When Repurposing Food


Chapter 7        Building a Quality System


·        Creating a Quality System

·        Assessing and Maintaining Your Professional Skills


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