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Nursing: A Concept-Based Approach to Learning, Volume 2


Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jul 23, 2010


Developed in collaboration with the North Carolina Concept-Based Learning Editorial Board, this is volume 2 of the two-volume textbook that synthesizes the entire nursing curriculum.  It is organized by concepts linked around three domains, Individual, Nursing, and Healthcare.  Within each concept, several exemplars are presented that best demonstrate the concept, based on national guidelines and standards. Some exciting features to this book include:

  • Concept-at-a-Glance:  
  • Key Terms and Learning Outcomes:
  • “About” The Concept:
  • Concept Overview:  
  • Concept Assessments:
  • Assessment Interviews:  
  • Diagnostic Tests:
  • Nursing Process and Nursing Care Plans


Table of Contents

CONCEPT 32  Assessment

About Assessment

Holistic Health Assessment Across the Life Span

Normal and Abnormal Assessment


CONCEPT 33  Caring Intervention

About Caring Intervention


CONCEPT 34  Clinical Decision Making

About Clinical Decision Making

Nursing Process

Critical Thinking


CONCEPT 35  Collaboration

About Collaboration

Case Management

Chain of Command

Conflict Resolution

Interdisciplinary Teams and Communication

Management Theories


CONCEPT 36  Communication

About Communication

Assertive Communication



Therapeutic Communication


CONCEPT 37  Managing Care

About Managing Care

Care Coordination

Cost-effective Care



CONCEPT 38  Professional Behaviors

About Professional Behaviors

Commitment to Profession

Leadership Principles

Work Ethics


CONCEPT 39  Teaching and Learning

About Teaching and Learning

Client Educator


Staff Education

CONCEPT 40  Accountability

About Accountability


Professional Development


CONCEPT 41  Advocacy

About Advocacy

Protecting Vulnerable Populations



CONCEPT 42  Ethics

About Ethics

Ethical Dilemmas

Ethical Principles

Patient Rights


CONCEPT 43  Evidence-Based Practice

About Evidence-Based Practice

Best Practices

Develop a Question

Individual Preferences


CONCEPT 44- Health Care Systems

About Health Care Systems

Access to Healthcare

Allocation of Resources

Nursing Care Delivery Systems


CONCEPT 45  Health Policy

About Health Policy

Accrediting Bodies

Professional Organizations

Regulatory Agencies

Types of Reimbursement


CONCEPT 46  Informatics

About Informatics

Clinical Decision Support Systems

Computer-Based Reminder Systems

Computers in Health Organizations

Individual Information at Point of Care


CONCEPT 47  Legal Issues

About Legal Issues

Advance Directives


Mandatory Reporting

Nursing Practice Act

Risk Management

Whistle Blowing


CONCEPT 48  Quality Improvement

About Quality Improvement


Breech in Care


Root Cause Study

Sentinel Events


CONCEPT 49  Safety

About Safety

Anticipatory Guidance

Environmental Safety

Hand-off Communication

Injury and Illness Prevention

National Patient Safety Goals

Responsible Sexual Behavior

Standard Precautions

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Nursing: A Concept-Based Approach to Learning, Volume 2

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