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Nutrition, Health, and Safety for Young Children: Promoting Wellness (with MyLab Education)

By Joanne Sorte, Inge Daeschel, Carolina Amador

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Feb 11, 2010

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Nutrition, Health, and Safety for Young Children: Promoting Wellness
By Joanne Sorte, Inge Daeschel, Carolina Amador


This book provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the nutrition, health, and safety needs of young children from birth through 8 years of age. The book is designed to give future teachers practical, applied, easy-to-understand information that will prepare them to serve young children in the family child care, childcare center, preschool and early primary school setting. Students will find the case scenarios woven throughout the chapters engaging and an effective means to transfer the learning of concepts to real life settings. This transfer of learning is reinforced by web video clips available at the MyEducationlab website that bring what students read and learn to life.

    The text demonstrates how a strong curriculum at any age or stage of early childhood, birth through age 8, allows teachers to teach and model healthy practices with regard to nutrition, health, and safety. The authors’ accessible and engaging writing style bring the reader into the classroom by weaving in classroom scenarios.  In addition, chapter features entitled “Nutrition Notes,” “Safety Segments,” “Policy Points,” and “Health Hints” provide students with information on current topics of interest and controversy while “What ifs.. “ feature boxes promote critical thinking skills to make decisions about topics they might encounter in the early childhood setting.


 Presents integrated curriculum for teaching nutrition, health and wellness; promotescurrent evidence-based practices; aligns with National Health Education standards; accessible writing style brings readers into the classroom; promotes culturally responsive teaching.


KEY TOPICS: Addresses the obesity epidemic, promoting sustainability, health curriculum, accommodating the nutrition, health and safety needs of all children; building relationships with families


MARKET:     Two-year health, safety, and nutrition courses.

Table of Contents

Part 1:  Promoting Wellness


Chapter 1:       The Interconnection of Nutrition, Health, and Safety


Chapter 2:       Teaching Wellness Concepts to Young Children



Part 2:  Promoting Good Nutrition


Chapter 3:       The Foundations of Optimal Nutrition


Chapter 4:       Understanding the Science of Nutrition


Chapter 5:       Feeding Infants


Chapter 6:       Feeding Toddlers, Preschoolers, and School-Age Children


Chapter 7:       Menu Planning


Chapter 8:       Food Safety



Part 3:  Promoting Healthful Practices


Chapter 9:       Creating a Climate of Heath and Wellness


Chapter 10:     Health Screening and Assessment     


Chapter 11:     Managing Infectious Disease             


Chapter 12:     Teaching Children with Special Health Care Needs


Chapter 13:     Children’s Mental Health



Part 4:            Promoting Safety


Chapter 14:     Ensuring Physical and Emotional Safety


Chapter 15:     Creating Safe Environments


Chapter 16:     Promoting Safe Practices through Effective Classroom Management


Chapter 17:     Responding to Emergencies


Chapter 18:     Child Abuse and Neglect


Appendix         CACFP Meal Pattern Requirements for Infants and Children




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Subject Index