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Official Ubuntu Book, The, 6th Edition

By Benjamin Mako Hill, Matthew Helmke, Amber Graner, Corey Burger

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: Jun 13, 2011

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This is the Safari online edition of the printed book.

Ubuntu is the most popular Linux distribution both in the U.S. and throughout the world. Our partnership with Canonical enables us to use their savvy, well-known branding for the cover of the book, including the logo and cover shot of international users faces in a friendly circle. Authorized and aggressively co-promoted by Canonical, The Official Ubuntu Book has consistently been the market's best-selling Ubuntu guide - and it's dominated Linux best-seller lists for years. Now, this book has been fully revised for the latest version of Ubuntu This new Sixth Edition contains extensive new coverage, including: New functionality for Ubuntu One; Unity desktop; Ubuntu Stack Exchange; revised server chapter and software options; revised mobile chapter; GNOME 3 coverage; and more.

Table of Contents

Foreword         xxi

Foreword to the First Edition         xxiii

Preface         xxix

Acknowledgments         xxxi

About the Authors         xxxiii

Introduction         xxxv


Chapter 1: The UbuntuStory         1

The Vision   2

Free Software, Open Source, and GNU/Linux   3

How the Vision Became Ubuntu   7

What Is Ubuntu?   12

Ubuntu Promises and Goals   17

Sustaining the Vision: Canonical and the Ubuntu Foundation   25

Beyond the Vision: Ubuntu Subprojects, Derivatives, and Spin-offs   30

Summary   32


Chapter 2: Installing Ubuntu         33

Choosing Your Ubuntu Version   34

Getting Ubuntu   36

Installing from the Desktop CD   39

Installing from the Alternate Install CD   51

Installing from a USB Key   57

Installing from within Windows   58

Summary   58


Chapter 3: Using Ubuntu on the Desktop         59

Taking Your Desktop for a Ride   61

Using Your Applications   72

The Ubuntu File Chooser and Bookmarks   85

Ubuntu in Your Language   87

Customizing Ubuntu’s Look and Feel   87

Managing Your Files   90

Ubuntu and Multimedia   95

Moving to the Next Ubuntu Release   108

Summary   110


Chapter 4: Gaining Greater Proficiency         111

Adding and Removing Programs and Packages   112

Keeping Your Computer Updated   117

Adding Additional Users   122

Using and Abusing Devices and Media   123

Configuring a Printer in Ubuntu   126

How Linux Stores and Organizes Files   131

The Terminal   134

Backup Strategies   135

Working with Windows Programs   136

Summary   137


Chapter 5: The Ubuntu Server         139

What Is Ubuntu Server?   140

Installing Ubuntu Server   142

Ubuntu Package Management   154

Ubuntu Server Security   165

Advanced Topics   172

Summary   176


Chapter 6: More Applications for Ubuntu         179

Creating Graphics with GIMP and Inkscape   180

Desktop Publishing with Scribus   191

Creating Music with Jokosher   196

Playing to Learn with Educational Programs   200

Getting There Faster with Docky   206

Summary   208


Chapter 7: The Ubuntu Community         209

Venues   211

Teams, Processes, and Community Governance   226

Getting Involved   239

Summary   243


Chapter 8: Using Kubuntu         245

Introduction to Kubuntu   246

Installing Kubuntu   249

Navigating in Kubuntu   254

Customizing Kubuntu   257

System Administration   260

Managing Files with Kubuntu   270

Common Applications   274

Finding Help and Giving Back to the Community   287

Summary   287


Chapter 9: GNOME 3, GNOME Shell, and More         289

A Different Path   290

Installing the GNOME Shell   290

Exploring the GNOME Shell   291

Using the Keyboard   295

Common Questions   295

Summary   297


Chapter 10: Ubuntu-Related Projects         299

Officially Supported Derivatives   300

Recognized Derivatives   304

Other Distributions   305

Launchpad   307

Bazaar   314

Summary   315


Chapter 11: Introducing Ubuntu One        317

What Can I Do with Ubuntu One?   318

How Much Does Ubuntu One Cost?   318

How Do I Begin?   318

Syncing Files   321

Syncing Contacts   321

Syncing Notes   322

Syncing Bookmarks   323

Special Features of Ubuntu One Mobile   324

Summary   325


Appendix: Welcome to the Command Line         327

Starting Up the Terminal   327

Getting Started   328

Building Pipelines   329

Running Commands as the Superuser   330

Finding Help   331

Moving Around the Filesystem   331

Manipulating Files and Folders   332

System Information Commands   333

Searching and Editing Text Files   335

Dealing with Users and Groups   336

Getting Help on the Command Line   336

Searching for Man Files   337

Using Wildcards   337

Executing Multiple Commands   338

Moving to More Advanced Uses of the Command Line   340


Index         343


Official Ubuntu Book, The, 6th Edition

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