Opportunity Investing: To Profit When Stocks Advance, Stocks Decline, Inflation Runs Rampant, Prices Fall, Oil Prices Hit the Roof, ... and Every Time in Between (paperback)

By Gerald Appel

Published by FT Press

Published Date: Sep 1, 2006


“A guide that will turn readers into smart and savvy investors.  Appel, author of several successful books on investing and editor of the leading technical analysis publication Systems and Forecasts, offers readers even more hot investment tips in his latest offering. Here, he shows readers how to read and recognize the economic climate, and demonstrates how to invest accordingly. After teaching how to understand the character of the market, Appel offers tried-and-true strategies that will help you make high-return, low-risk investments using mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and real investment trusts. He also provides solid advice on how to invest in foreign markets, taking advantage of often overlooked investment opportunities abroad. Investments in real estate, precious metals and other commodities also receive coverage, and Appel offers useful web resources for further research. The author has more than 40 years of experience, and his love of teaching the trade is conveyed through his enthusiasm and thorough explanations.  Both amateurs and experienced investors who are looking for a competitive edge will appreciate this information-packed guide to making wise investments in any economic climate.”  --Kirkus Reports


In Opportunity Investing, you are shown which investments provide the best returns in varying economic climates, how to recognize and take advantage of investment opportunities overseas as well as investment opportunities within the United States. Specific strategies for identifying the strongest mutual funds and stock market sectors are provided, as well as strategies for periods when interest rates either rise or fall. Tools are provided to identify periods when stocks and/or other investment options are likely to advance, periods when market outlooks are more cloudy, and strategies that suggest changes in portfolio allocation that may be made accordingly. Other areas discussed include real estate, precious metals and other commodities, and investments that bring in high and steady levels of income.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments xvii

Introduction: New Opportunities xix

Chapter 1: The Myth of Buy and Hold 1
Chapter 2: Putting Together a Winning Portfolio 29

Chapter 3: Selecting Mutual Funds Most Likely to Succeed 57
Chapter 4: Income Investing–Safer and Steady . . . But Watch Out for the Pitfalls 95
Chapter 5: Securing Junk Bond Yields at Treasury Bond Risk 133

Chapter 6: The Wonderful World of Exchange-Traded Funds 153
Chapter 7: A Three-Pronged Approach to Timing the Markets 179

Chapter 8: Time Cycles, Market Breadth, and Bottom-Finding Strategies 205
Chapter 9: Cashing In on the Real Estate Boom—Investing in REITs 229

Chapter 10: Opportunities Abroad–Investing from Brazil to Britain 251
Chapter 11: How to Get the Most from Closed-End Mutual Funds 283

Chapter 12: Inflation–Coexisting and Even Profiting with Inflation 301
Chapter 13: Reviewing Our Array of Opportunity Strategies 315

Index 335