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Options Made Easy: Your Guide to Profitable Trading, 3rd Edition

By Guy Cohen

Published by FT Press

Published Date: Apr 23, 2013


Master option trading, visually, hands-on -- and discover the powerful, easy-to-use OVI indicator that leads the market, revealing what the world's savviest option traders are doing right now! Learn option trading from the newest edition of Guy Cohen's international best-seller Options Made Easy, which has earned a worldwide reputation for its simplicity, clarity and hands-on practicality. With outstanding graphics for step-by-step learning, this easy tutorial packed with real trades is designed to reinforce every new trader's learning experience.

Using plain English and clear illustrations to explain each key trading strategy, Cohen avoids complex math while effortlessly delivering the practical knowledge traders need. Now, in this eagerly-anticipated Third Edition, Cohen updates all examples and data, utilizing the market's new option symbols throughout, and presenting a more streamlined, focused, and up-to-date review of relevant chart patterns and technical analyses. Most important, he thoroughly introduces his breakthrough OVI indicator, revealing how it captures the implications of actual option transaction data, and presents signals even beginners can use to earn consistent profits. Step by step, Cohen walks traders through:

  • Filtering for stocks and selecting the right strategy for each situation
  • Implementing proven strategies for income, including covered calls and bull put spreads
  • Trading volatility through straddles and strangles
  • Using butterflies and condors to trade rangebound markets
  • Understanding trading psychology and its impact on option trades
  • And much more

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements     ix

About the Author     xi

Executive Summary     xii

Preface     xiii

Chapter 1: Introduction to Options     1

Chapter 2: Into the Marketplace     27

Chapter 3: The Basics of Fundamental Analysis     47

Chapter 4: The Basics of Technical Analysis     81

Chapter 5: Two Popular Strategies and How to Improve Them     139

Chapter 6: An Introduction to the Greeks     165

Chapter 7: Bull Call Spreads and Bull Put Spreads     197

Chapter 8: Two Basic Volatility Strategies     219

Chapter 9: Two Basic Sideways Strategies     237

Chapter 10: Trading and Investing Psychology     261

Chapter 11: Putting It All Together--A Call to Action     277

Chapter 12: Trading with the OVI     287

Appendix I: Strategy Table     313

Appendix II: Glossary     325

References and Recommended Reading     339

Index     341


Options Made Easy: Your Guide to Profitable Trading, 3rd Edition

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