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Oslo Modeling Language, The: Draft Specification- October 2008

By Don Box, David Langworthy, Brad Lovering

Published by Addison-Wesley Professional

Published Date: Oct 28, 2008


The “Oslo” Modeling Language (commonly referred to as "M") is a language for defining domain models and languages (the latter are often referred to as textual DSLs). "M" was created to allow developers to efficiently capture their intention in a form that is natural to author but also efficient to store and query using off-the-shelf database technology.


This book comes from the original creators of "M"--David Langworthy, Brad Lovering, and Don Box--and is the definitive reference to the language. If you are looking for a compact textual notation for writing down information or schematizing structured and unstructured data, this book is for you.


This book is the authoritative specification of the "M" language (draft) and describes the syntax and underlying model of the language. Highlights of this book include:


  •  An Introduction to domain modeling constructs

  •  An Introduction to constructs for building textual DSLs

  •  Complete syntax for the language

  •  Definition of the "M" type system and data model

  •  Glossary of terms

Table of Contents

Preface  xi



Chapter 1   Introduction to “M”  3

Chapter 2   Lexical Structure  29

Chapter 3   Types  55

Chapter 4   Computed and Stored Values  79

Chapter 5   Expressions  81

Chapter 6   Module  101



Chapter 7    Introduction to MGrammar Language  113

Chapter 8    Lexical Structure  127

Chapter 9    Text Pattern Expressions  149

Chapter 10  Productions  155

Chapter 11  Rules  167

Chapter 12  Languages  173

Chapter 13  Modules  175

Chapter 14  Attributes  183

Glossary  185



Oslo Modeling Language, The: Draft Specification- October 2008

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