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Other Side of Wall Street, The

By Todd A. Harrison

Published by FT Press

Published Date: May 12, 2011


In The Other Side of Wall Street, founder and former hedge fund honcho Todd Harrison shares never-before-told stories from the hidden side of Wall Street, including the adrenaline rush of trading at the highest levels, Wall Street’s super-indulgent lifestyles; Harrison’s time in the trenches fighting with (and then against) Jim Cramer; why he left investing completely, and how he returned to earn his redemption. Thousands of readers have tasted Harrison’s story in a recent Dow Jones MarketWatch serialization: now for the first time, he shares his entire extraordinary personal memoir.


You’ll walk alongside Harrison through the "golden door" that took him into Morgan Stanley in its 1990s heyday. Share his ringside view of the explosive growth of derivatives, and the disasters that followed. Ride the emotional roller coaster of colossal wins and losses and discover what it’s really like to work with Jim Cramer. Then travel with Harrison through the 2000s, the most tumultuous decade in investing history. Harrison’s seen it all, done it all, and earned perspective and insight available to only a few. If you want to know what it’s really like at Wall Street’s pinnacle–and in its deepest depths–one book will tell you: The Other Side of Wall Street.

Table of Contents

Foreword     xii

Preface     xv

Chapter 1: The Age of Innocence     1

Chapter 2: Bagel Boy     11

Chapter 3: Animal House     19

Chapter 4: Let the Games Begin!      29

Chapter 5: War Stories     39

Chapter 6: An Officer and a Gentleman     53

Chapter 7: Trading Places     63

Chapter 8: New Beginnings     73

Chapter 9: Battle Lines     81

Chapter 10: Reality Bites     89

Chapter 11: Sign of the Times     95

Chapter 12: Brokedown Palace     105

Chapter 13: Foul Play     115

Chapter 14: Genesis of a Dream     123

Chapter 15: The Audible     133

Chapter 16: The Abyss     141

Chapter 17: The Phoenix     153

Chapter 18: The Journey     163

Acknowledgments     169

About the Author     171

Index     173


Other Side of Wall Street, The

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