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Papers Across the Curriculum

By Judith Ferster

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jul 8, 2005

Table of Contents


1  The Humanities                                                                                                       


        Genevieve Triganne, The Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor

        Adam Samuel Boss, Joan of Arc Through the Eyes of her Contemporaries: Maiden, Hero, Villain, and Saint

2   The Arts                                                                                                                   


        Holly Kranker, Small Sculptures’ Roles and Functions within Cultures

     Art History

        Amanda Hood, Gateways in Time

3   The Social Sciences                                                                                                


        Cynthia Harrison Boyd, Comparison of Highlighting and Note-Taking during a PowerPoint Lecture on Test Performance

    Uses APA style.

       Ken Takanaka, The Déjà vu Experience: Seeing things for the first time…again

         Bamby Mills, How’s Your Transmission? The Facts about Adult Attention Deficit Disorder

4    The Life Sciences                                                                                                    


        Avani Desai, Lab 2

        This is a great example of a Lab Report.


        Stephanie Milne, Louis Pasteur: Father of Microbiology

5    Business and the Sciences                                                                                    


        Tara Miles and Todd Olsen, Predicting the Yield of an Alluvial Aquifier


        Tara Miles, Prelude to the Internet

 6    English


        Jennifer Kling, The Keys to Kate

            Uses the Chicago Manual style.

         Pamela Bucao, Home Birth is an Option

            Uses MLA style.


        Bamby Mills, The Literary Hero of Harry Potter

        Noreen Greenberg, George and George

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