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Parents as Partners in Education: Families and Schools Working Together, 7th Edition

By Eugenia Hepworth Berger

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Apr 13, 2007

Table of Contents

Chapter 1       Family Involvement—Essential for a Child's Development.

Chapter 2       Families and Communities: Overview, Trends, and Insights 

Chapter 3       Working with Culturally Diverse Groups 

Chapter 4       Historical Overview of Family Life, Diverse Famlies, and Parent Involvement.


Chapter 5        Effective Home-School-Community Relationships

Chapter 6        Communication and Parent Programs. 

Chapter 7        Collaborative Leadership—Working with Parents. 

Chapter 8        School-Based Programs. 

Chapter 9       Home-Based Programs.

Chapter 10     Working with Parents of a Child with Disabilities. 

Chapter 11     The Abused Child. 

Chapter 12      Rights, Responsibilities, and Advocacy.