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Parents as Partners in Education: Famlies and Schools Working Together, CourseSmart eTextbook, 8th Edition

By Eugenia Hepworth Berger, Mari R. Riojas-Cortez

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Apr 6, 2011

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Parents as Partners in Education, Eighth Edition, is uniquely the most comprehensive book on the market covering the history of parenting and parent/school collaboration, current issues and population trends affecting American schools and communities, diverse family structures, and techniques for establishing a connection with parents and encouraging involvement with their child’s learning.


Based on the notion of funds of knowledge, the knowledge that children acquire from their families, this best-selling textbook helps the reader differentiate between culture and diversity as they relate to culturally and linguistically diverse families. Rather than following a tourist approach to culture, this new edition focuses on culturally relevant pedagogy to work with children and their families, particularly those who are English language learners and immigrant children. A special focus on culturally and linguistically diverse children with special needs is a remarkable aspect of the book. Key additions and changes to this edition include: more practical ideas and tips for teachers on how to work with culturally and linguistically diverse children and their families in a classroom setting; applicable information on how to build parent involvement programs; strategies for working with culturally diverse students who have Autism Spectrum Disorder and their families; emphasis on the value of pre-school and pre-K programs; and methods for working with English Language Learners and their families, including a section on second language acquisition. Rooted in the premise that once educators understand the value of families for healthy development they can begin to create strong partnerships to assist children in successful experiences in school. Parents as Partners in Education: Families and Schools Working Together, Eighth Edition will be a key component to teachers gaining this knowledge and using it in the classroom for the betterment of all children and their families.

Table of Contents

1: Family: Essential for a Child’s Development

2: Diversity of Families

3: Working with Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Groups

4: Parent Involvement: A Historical Overview

5: Effective Home-School-Community Relationships

6: Effective Teacher-Family Communication: Types, Barriers, Conferences, and Programs

7: Dual Collaborative Leadership–Parents and Teachers

8: School-Based Programs

9: Home-Based Programs

10: Exceptional Families: Responsibilities and Support

11: The Abused Child

12: Assisting Parents with Child Advocacy

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Parents as Partners in Education: Famlies and Schools Working Together, CourseSmart eTextbook, 8th Edition
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