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Partnering for Content Literacy: PRC2 in Action. Developing Academic Language for All Learners, CourseSmart eTextbook

By Donna Ogle

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Apr 19, 2010

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Learn how to successfully develop your students’ interests in and strategies for reading and comprehending informational texts that support content learning


Written by a team of teachers, literacy leaders, and university project members, this book tackles the challenges students have with language learning and content area reading. Partnering for Content Literacy:  PRC2 in Action was based around teacher concerns that students floundered when confronted with difficult textbooks and the need to use academic vocabulary and language. Teachers and literacy leaders wanted to develop ways to insure these students could be successful in learning. What evolved is a practical and powerful set of assessments and instructional practices focused on partners reading short books and articles together in a process called Partner Reading and Content, Too (PRC2). This book provides ideas about how to create a rich program in informational reading, including descriptions of specific assessments and ways to modify them for your own students.

Table of Contents

Partnering for Content Literacy

D. Ogle, Editor


Table of Contents




1.      Developing reading and learning with informal texts (Donna Ogle)


2.      The PRC2 framework (Amy Correa)


3.      Developing academic talk: Providing guidance and structure (Amy Correa)


4.      Student change across time: A look at one 6th grade classroom (Adam Geisler)


5.      PRC2 in a Primary Classroom (Avni Patel)


6.      Assessing students’ interests, knowledge and concepts (Christine Seidman)


7.      Teacher on-going assessment (Debbie G.)


8.      Using partner reading in guided reading (Kris Utley)


9.      Using literacy work stations to provide scaffolded learning (Kris Utley)


10.  Understanding external text features (Renee Mackin)


11.  Academic vocabulary development (Margaret McGregor)


12.  Reinforcing vocabulary learning (Carol Schmitz)


13.  Creating lively, inquisitive conversation in the classroom (Jeanette Hamman)


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