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Party Politics in America, 16th Edition

By Marjorie Randon Hershey

Published by Taylor and Francis

Published Date: Mar 11, 2014


Shows the realities of modern parties’ organizations, funding, and polarization on issues


Party Politics in America opens the door to a new understanding of political parties and American politics. Building upon the work of Frank Sorauf and Paul Allen Beck, Marjorie Hershey has maintained the book’s three-pronged coverage of party organization, party in the electorate, and party in government while also introducing contemporary and historical examples to bring to life the fascinating story of how parties shape our political system.

Table of Contents

Part One: Parties and Party Systems

Chapter 1. What Are Political Parties?

Chapter 2. The American Two-Party System 


Part Two: The Political Party as an Organization 

Chapter 3. The State and Local Party Organizations 

Chapter 4. The Parties’ National Organizations 

Chapter 5. Party Activists 


Part Three: The Political Party in the Electorate 

Chapter 6. Party Identification 

Chapter 7. Party Coalitions and Party Change 

Chapter 8. Parties and Voter Turnout 


Part Four: Parties, Nominations, and Elections 

Chapter 9. How Parties Choose Candidates 

Chapter 10. Choosing the Presidential Nominees 

Chapter 11. The General Election 

Chapter 12. Financing the Campaigns 


Part Five: The Party in Government 

Chapter 13. Parties in Congress and State Legislatures

Chapter 14. The Party in the Executive and the Courts 

Chapter 15. The Semi-Responsible Parties 

Chapter 16. The Place of Parties in American Politics

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