PASW Statistics 18 Advanced Statistical Procedures

By Marija J. Norusis, Inc. SPSS Inc.

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Mar 2, 2010


PASW Statistics 18 Advanced Statistical Procedures contains valuable tips, warnings, and examples that will help you take advantage of PASW (formerly SPSS) to better analyze data. This book offers clear and concise explanations and examples of advanced statistical procedures in the PASW Advanced and Regression modules.

Table of Contents

1. Model Selection Loglinear Analysis
2. Logit Loglinear Analysis
3. Multinomial Logistic Regression
4. Ordinal Regression
5. Probit Regression
6. Kaplan-Meier Survival Analysis
7. Life Tables
8. Cox Regression
9. Variance Components
10. Linear Mixed Models
11. Generalized Linear Models
12. Generalized Estimating Equations
13. Nonlinear Regression
14. Two-Stage Least-Squares Regression
15. Weighted Least-Squares Regression
16. Multidimensional Scaling


PASW Statistics 18 Advanced Statistical Procedures

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