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People and Promise of California, The (A Longman Topics Reader)

By Mona Field, Brian Kennedy

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jun 15, 2019


The People and Promise of California uses an exciting collection of readings focusing on the unique, diverse, and cutting edge culture of California to help students understand the strategies and skills of good writing.

Table of Contents



CHAPTER 1 The Lure and Letdown of California

Kevin Starr, A Nation-State

Lewis Lapham, The Way West

Henry George, What the Railroads Will Bring Us

Douglas Fischer, You See Gridlock, I See Heaven

Chris Moran, Graduation Marks Triumph for Homeless Woman

DJ Waldie, My Place in California

Robert Lees, Statement to the House Un-American Activities Committee (April 1951)

Michael Mills, Blacklist: A Different Look at the 1947 HUAC Hearings

Joel Kotkin and William Frey, The Third California


CHAPTER 2 Arrivals, Departures, and Culture Clashes

Carey McWilliams, Population Whirligig

David Rieff, Excerpt from Los Angeles, Capital of the Third World

Mike Davis, The Third Border

Machiko Yasuda, Being Japanese Is Pretty Cool After All

Alizah Salario, Kids and Gangs: Seeking Solutions

Donna Mungen, The Anti-Heros: The LA4

lê thi diem thúy, From The Gangster We Are All Looking For

Ishmael Reed, My Oakland: There Is A There There


CHAPTER 3 Getting Our Fair Share

Tim Hodson, History, Myth, and Political Instability in California

Peter Schrag, California, Here We Come

Kenneth C. Burt, Battles for Fairness: California’s Unions Fight Discrimination

Heather Barbour, Super-Sized Legislators: Should California Downsize its Districts?

John and Judith Glass, Unprotected Californians: Health Care as the New Civil Rights Issue

Linda Darling-Hammond, Lesson One: Training Counts

William E. Piland, College in California: Options Reduced?


CHAPTER 4 Safety, Security, and Sustainability

Joan Didion, The Promise of the Prison

Wade Graham, A Hundred Rivers Run Through It

Marc Cooper, Sour Grapes: California Farm Workers’ Endless Struggle 40 Years Later

Heng L. Foong, Mind Your Language

Randall Lewis, The 2% Strategy: A Bold New Approach to Shape the Future of Southern California

Greg Goldin, The Paradox of the Hedge–Do Good Fences Really Make Good Neighbors?

Chris Thompson, A Shadow Falls Over the Square


CHAPTER 5 From the Center to the Edges

Gerald W. Haslam, Other Californians

Matt Warshaw, Surfacing

Clara Jeffrey, “Slab City,” from “Go West, Old Man”

Stanley Poss, Spaced Out West

Christina Binkley, Morongo Tribe’s New Casino Aims to Be a Hipster Magnet



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People and Promise of California, The (A Longman Topics Reader)

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