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Phenomenon of Religious Faith, CourseSmart eTextbook, The

By Terrence Reynolds

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Sep 15, 2004

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For undergraduate courses in the Philosophy of Religion, as well as undergraduate, graduate, and seminary courses that focus on issues related to faith and reason.

This anthology focuses on perspectives of religious faith with their differing approaches to the roles of reason, knowledge, the will, belief, and language. It opens by posing fundamental questions surrounding belief/unbelief, and then moves ahead to examine the arguments for God's existence and the four classic models of religious faith. The final sections examine the rationality of religious faith through an analysis of Wittgnenstein and the plausibility of language games.

Table of Contents

I. Preliminary Questions on Religious Faith

1. Theology and Falsification, Antony Flew, R.M. Hare, Basil Mitchell.

2. The Creed of a Savoyard Priest, Jean Jacques Rousseau.

3. A Free Man's Worship, Bertrand Russell.

4. The Meaning of Life, A.J. Ayer.

II. Arguments for God's Existence.

5. The Cosmological Argument: A Defense, Richard Taylor.

6. The Watch and the Watchmaker, William Paley.

7. The Classical Ontological Argument, St. Anselm of Canterbury.

8. The Cosmological Argument, David Hume.

9. Against Revelation and Deism, Percy Bysshe Shelley.

10. Existence, Predication, and the Ontological Argument, Jerome Shaffer.

III. Models of Religious Faith.

A. St. Thomas Aquinas: Faith, Belief, and Intellectual Assent.

11. On Faith, St.Thomas Aquinas.

12. Of God and His Creatures, St.Thomas Aquinas.

13. The Thomist-Catholic View of Faith, John Hick.

14. The Agnostic's Dilemma, Norwood Russell Hanson.

B. Blaise Pascal and William James: Faith, Will, and Prudential Options.

15. The Wager, Blaise Pascal.

16. Pascal's Wager, James Cargile.

17. Pascalian Wagering, Thomas V. Morris.

18. The Ethics of Belief, W.K. Clifford.

19. The Will to Believe, William James.

20. Passion and Suspicion: Religious Affections in "The Will to Believe", D.M. Yeager.

C. Siren Kierkegaard: Faith, Subjectivity, and Religious Possibility.

21. Truth Is Subjectivity, Soren Kierkegaard.

22. Selections from Fear and Trembling: Eulogy on Abraham and Epilogue, Soren Kierkegaard.

23. The Strategy of the Authorship, Mark C. Taylor.

24. Faith Against Reason, C. Stephen Evans.

D. John Hick: Faith, Lams.

25. The Nature of Faith, John Hick.

26. Faith and the Logic of Seeing-As, James Heaney.

27. John Hick on Religious Experience and Perception, J. Wesley Robbins.

IV. The Rationality of Religious Faith.

28. Lectures on Religious Belief, Ludwig Wittgenstein.

29. The Groundlessness of Belief, Norman Malcolm.

30. Knowledge, Belief, and Reformed Epistemology, Jay Van Hook.

31. Is Reason Enough?, Nicholas Wolterstorff.

32. Is Belief in God Properly Basic, Alvin Plantinga.

33. A Critique of Plantinga¿¿¿s Religious Epistemolgy, Michael Martin.

V. Religious Faith and the Issue of Plauralism.

34. Religious Pluralism and Ultimate Reality, John Hick.

35. The Philosophy of Religious Pluralism: A Critical Appraisal of Hick and His Critics, Sumner B. Twiss.

36. Atheism and Implicit Christianity, Karl Rahner.

37. Theology and the World's Religious History, Wilfred Cantwell Smith.

IV. The Experience of the Divine.

38. Mysticism, William James.

39. Contemplation, Thomas Merton.

40. Religious Experience and Religious Belief, William P. Alston.

41. Religious Experience and Religious Belief, Wayne Proudfoot.

42. Mysticism and Philosophy, Richard M. Gale.

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