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PHR Exam Prep: Professional in Human Resources, Safari, 2nd Edition

By Cathy Lee Gibson

Published by Pearson IT Certification

Published Date: Dec 6, 2007

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PHR Exam Prep Second Edition

Professional in Human Resources


Cathy Lee Gibson, SPHR, MBA


COMPREHENSIVE Succeed with comprehensive learning and practice tests

  • Prepare with a comprehensive practice test
  • Analyze your test readiness and identify areas for further study with practice questions on each exam topic
  • Learn important test-taking strategies to maximize your score and diminish your anxiety
  • Score Higher on the PHR Exam!

We provide you with the proven study tools and expert insight that will help you score higher on your exam.

  • Focused exercises throughout the chapters reinforce your knowledge of test topics by allowing you to apply what you are learning.
  • Practice questions include detailed explanations of the answers so you can learn the material by understanding why an answer is correct.
  • Comprehensive discussion of all subject areas covered by the PHR.
  • A full-length practice test enables you to time yourself under exam circumstances so you know exactly what to expect on test day and can identify any areas in which you are struggling before you take the real exam.

Table of Contents


Study and Exam Prep Tips

1. The PHR Examination: An overview

2. HR: A body of underlying knowledge and principles

3. Strategic management

4. Workforce planning and employment

5. Human Resource development

6. Total Rewards

7. Employee and Labor Relations

8. Risk Management

9. Practice Exam 1

10. Answer Key - Practice Exam 1

APPENDIX: CD Contents and Installation Instructions