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Physics: Principles with Applications Volume 2 (Chapters 16-33) with Mastering Physics, 6th Edition

By Douglas C. Giancoli

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jul 8, 2008

Table of Contents

1. Electric Charge and Electric Field
2. Electric Potential and Electric Energy; Capacitance
3. Electric Currents
4. DC Circuits
5. Magnetism
6. Electromagnetic Induction and Faraday's Law; AC Circuits
7. Electromagnetic Waves
8. Light: Geometric Optics
9. The Wave Nature of Light
10. Optical Instruments
11. Special Theory of Relativity
12. Early Quantum Theory and Models of the Atom
13. Quantum Mechanics of Atoms
14. Molecules and Solids
15. Nuclear Physics and Radioactivity
16. Nuclear Energy; Effects and Uses of Radiation
17. Elementary Particles
18. Astrophysics and Cosmology
Appendix A: Mathematical Review
Appendix B: Dimensional Analysis
Appendix C: Rotating Frames of Reference; Inertial Forces; Coriolis Effect
Appendix D: Gauss's Law
Appendix E: Galilean and Lorentz Transformations
Appendix F: Selected Isotopes
Answers to Odd-Numbered Problems


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