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Physics with MasteringPhysics, Volume 1, 4th Edition

By James S. Walker

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jan 7, 2009

Table of Contents

Applications in the Text             

Preface: To the Instructor        

Preface: To the Student             

Guide to Features of the Text

1. Introduction to Physics 


2. One-Dimensional Kinematics

3. Vectors in Physics  

4. Two-Dimensional Kinematics

5. Newton’s Laws of Motion

6. Applications of Newton’s Laws 

7. Work and Kinetic Energy

8. Potential Energy and Conservation of Energy 

9. Linear Momentum and Collisions       

10. Rotational Kinematics and Energy             

11. Rotational Dynamics and Static Equilibrium      

12. Gravity            

13. Oscillations About Equilibrium           

14. Waves and Sound               

15. Fluids         


16. Temperature and Heat      

17. Phases and Phase Changes               

18. The Laws of Thermodynamics


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Physics with MasteringPhysics, Volume 1, 4th Edition

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