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Play and Child Development, CourseSmart eTextbook, 4th Edition

By Joe L. Frost, Sue C. Wortham, Stuart C. Reifel

Published by Pearson

Published Date: May 23, 2011

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A textbook for undergraduate and graduate courses in Play; also appropriate as a supplement for Child Development and Early Childhood Education courses.  


With significantly expanded discussions on key topics, this text ties play directly to child development. Addressing the full spectrum of play-related topics, including age-group chapters, its coverage is quite comprehensive and blends research, theory, and practical applications.


Play and Child Development, Fourth Edition, is arranged to guide students through topics leading to a comprehensive understanding of play intended to help prepare them for guiding children’s play in a number of contexts:  preschools, elementary schools, park systems, and research programs.  The text is developmentally-based, providing basic information about historical, theoretical, and practical approaches to promoting development through integrated play and learning approaches across various age or developmental levels. The book analyzes play theories and play therapy; presents a history of play; and discusses current play trends. It explores ways to create safe play environments for all children, and how to weave play into school curricula. Finally, the authors examine the role of adults in leading and encouraging children's natural tendencies toward learning by playing. Special coverage includes a full chapter on play and children with disabilities, and the value of field trips in supporting learning.

This edition offers expanded and/or updated coverage on evidence based play theory, child development, play environments, and early play-based curricula for children of all abilities in various learning contexts.  

Table of Contents

Chapter 1        Play History: Ideas, Beliefs, and Activities


Chapter 2        Theory as Lenses on Children’s Play


Chapter 3        Neuroscience and Play Deprivation


Chapter 4        Play: Infants and Toddlers


Chapter 5        Play in the Preschool Years


Chapter 6        Play and the School-Age Child


Chapter 7        Culture and Gender in Play


Chapter 8        Play and the Curriculum


Chapter 9        Creating Play Environments


Chapter 10      Play and Children with Disabilities


Chapter 11      Computers and Techology as Emerging Toys


Chapter 12      Introduction to Play Therapy


Chapter 13      Child Safety in Public Places: Indoors and Outdoors


Chapter 14      Playwork in American and European Playgrounds

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