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Play at the Center of the Curriculum, 6th Edition

By Judith VanHoorn, Patricia Monighan Nourot, Barbara Scales, Keith Rodriguez Alward

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Mar 21, 2014


The leading text in the field, Play at the Center of the Curriculum seamlessly combines the features of a text on play and development with the features of an early childhood curriculum text to present a comprehensive, cogent rationale for placing play at the center of a balanced curriculum. Ideal for those who want to engage children in a developmental zone where children and teachers are learning from and with each other, the authors put play at the center of a balanced curriculum that includes spontaneous, guided, and directed play as well as teacher planned instruction. They describe how knowledgeable teachers use a wide repertoire of strategies to orchestrate the flow from spontaneous play to guided play, to more subject oriented instruction, and back to play. This thoroughly updated Sixth Edition interweaves anecdotes of children’s play, theories of play and development, empirical evidence from research, and practical instructional strategies to give students a clear look at play and the curriculum.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Looking at Play Through Teachers' Eyes

Chapter 2 Play and Development: Theory

Chapter 3 Play as the Cornerstone of Development: The Literature

Chapter 4 Orchestrating Children's Play: Setting the Stage

Chapter 5 Orchestrating Play: Interactions With Children

Chapter 6 Play as a Tool for Assessment

Chapter 7 Mathematics in the Play- Centered Curriculum

Chapter 8 Language, Literacy, and Play

Chapter 9 Science in the Play-Centered Curriculum

Chapter 10 The Arts in the Play-Centered Curriculum

Chapter 11 Play and Socialization

Chapter 12 Outdoor Play

Chapter 13 Toys and Technology as Tools for Play

Chapter 14 Conclusion: Integrating Play, Development, and Practice


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Play at the Center of the Curriculum, 6th Edition

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