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Play, Development and Early Education

By James E. Johnson, James Christie, Francis Wardle

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Oct 12, 2004

Table of Contents

Most chapters begin with “Introduction” and “Focus Questions” and conclude with “Summary” and “Projects/Assignments.”


1. Beliefs About Play.

History and Images of Children and Play.

Multiple Perspectives on Play.

Defining Play.

Current Issues and Trends.

2. Theories of Play.

Classical Theories

Modern Theories

Postmodern Theories

Implications for Teachers


3. Play, Development, and Assessment: Birth to Eight Years.

Play Development: An Overview.

Development of Motor Play.

Development of Object Play.

Development of Symbolic Play.

Development of Social Play.

Play Development from Six to Eight.

Play Assessment.

4. Diversity and Individual Differences in Play.

Gender Differences.

Physical Play.

Personality and Play.

Race and Ethnicity.

5. Play's Role in Development.

Play and Development: Basic Observations.

Brain Development and Play.

Cultural Learning and Play.

Language and Literacy Dimension.

Feature: School Readiness: Educational Value of Play.

Social Dimension.

Feature: What good is play? Communicating the value of play to parents.

Emotional Dimension.

6. Play Contexts: Physical Environment, Social Ecology, and Culture.

Cultural-Contextual Approaches to Play.

Physical Environment and Play.

Social Ecology and Play.

Play and Culture.

Educational Applications.


7. Play's Role in Education.

The value of educational play.

Types of Educational Play.

Barriers to educational play.

8. Enriching Classroom Play: Materials and Curriculum.

Relationship between play materials and development.

Characteristics of play materials.

Types of Play Materials.

9. Enriching Classroom Play: Teaching Strategies and Facilitation Techniques.

Providing Adequate Time for Play.

Preparatory Experiences.

Teacher Involvement in Play.

Linking Play with Instruction.

10. Play for Children with Special Needs and Circumstance.

Play and Special Education.

Play Therapy.

Child Life Programs.

11. Popular Culture, Media, and Technology.

Popular Culture.

Play and the Media.


12. Outdoor Play.

History of Playgrounds.

Purpose of outdoor play.

Different kinds of playgrounds.

Playground design.

Age-related playgrounds.


ADA Accessibility.

Role of the teacher in the playground.

Outdoor play advocacy.


Play, Development and Early Education

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