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Police, The: An Introduction, 4th Edition

By Michael D. Lyman

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Mar 19, 2009


This book explores the principles of policing and introduces readers to the history, administration, and day-to-day practices of the police in the United States. Offering a balanced perspective, it provides readers with the basic framework for understanding contemporary police issues and discusses the myths and preconceptions commonly associated with the profession. This edition includes a new chapter on police culture, a new chapter on police liability, and information on how police work interfaces with forensic science and modern technology. 

Table of Contents

1.      Understanding the Police

2.      Historical Foundations of Policing

3.      Police Jurisdiction

4.      Becoming a Police Officer

5.      Police Operations: Patrol

6.      Police Operations: Criminal Investigation

7.      Police Culture

8.      Police Authority

9.      Ethics and Deviance

10.  Controlling Police Behavior

11.  Police Civil Liability

12.  The Police and the Community

13.  Job-Related Issues

14.  Current Challenges and Future Directions










Police, The: An Introduction, 4th Edition

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