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Policing America: Challenges and Best Practices, CourseSmart eTextbook, 8th Edition

By Ken Peak

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: Jan 14, 2014


For all introductory or general policing courses, both undergrad and graduate levels, and as a supplemental text for community policing or police administration courses.


This instructor and student-friendly, engaging text covers the most current policing topics and tactics.


Policing America: Challenges and Best Practices, 8e, offers a problem-solving approach that emphasizes what is actually working in the field. Based on the author’s thirty-plus years of practical policing and academic experience, this eighth edition continues to be set apart by its traditional, applied, “what works” theme. That, coupled with comprehensive updates throughout and the minor restructuring of this edition, provide an approach not otherwise found on the market.  Emphases are on topics of major, national importance and interest, such as terrorism, personnel issues, community policing, investigations, rule of law, accountability (ethics, liability), patrol, and technologies. Organized to flow smoothly for the instructor and student, this edition continues to provide a penetrating view of one of the most difficult and challenging occupations in America: policing!


Teaching and Learning Experience


This book offers complete coverage of policing, examining emerging areas in the field.  It provides:

  • Problem-solving, real-world approach: Emphasizes what really works in the field
  • Complete coverage of policing topics and tactics: Gives students a comprehensive understanding of the police in America
  • Hands-on focus and superior pedagogical features: Gives students the tools to master key concepts faster and more effectively

Table of Contents

Part I Foundations: Development of American Policing and Police Officers


        1              History: From English Origins to the U.S.

        2              Preparing for the Street: Recruiting, Training, Socialization

        3              On Patrol: Methods and Menaces


Part II Practices and Challenges


       4              Community Oriented Policing and Problem Solving

       5               Criminal Investigation: The Science of Sleuthing

       6              Personnel Issues and Practices: Stress, Labor Relations, Higher Education,

                        Private Police


Part III Adhering to Law, Ethical Principles, and Public Expectations


        7              Rule of Law: Expounding the Constitution

        8              Accountability: Ethics, Use of Force, Corruption, and Discipline

        9              Civil Liability: Failing the Public Trust


Part IV Agency Organization and Administration


        10            Federal and State Agencies: Protecting our Borders and Freedoms

        11            Municipal and County Agencies: Organization, Administration, and Roles


Part V Best Practices: Addressing Special Populations, Using Specialized Equipment


        12            Pursuing Criminal Syndicates: Terrorists, the Mob, Gangs, Drug Traffickers

        13            Addressing “People Problems”: <TTL>Immigrants, Youth, Hate Crimes, the Homeless

        14           Technology Review: Uses (the Good), Concerns (the Bad), and Legislation

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