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Politics and Policy in States and Communities, CourseSmart etextbook, 10th Edition

By John J. Harrigan, David C. Nice

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Apr 15, 2008

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This up-to-date, highly-readable text for the state and local politics course focuses on twin perspectives: the political economy of state and local politics and the impact of political reformism on states and communities.


This book explores the dynamics of state and community politics, and the methods citizens use to influence public officials. It explores the major issues facing states and localities and traces how the institutions of state and local government have changed over the years.

Table of Contents

1: Introduction to State and Community Politics

2: The Constitutional Environment of State and Local Governments

3: The Intergovernmental Framework for State and Community Politics

4: Channels of Citizen Influence: Participation, Public Opinion, and Interest Groups

5: Channels of Citizen Influence: the Ballot Box, Parties, and Direct Action

6: The Institutions of Local Government

7: The Dynamics of Community Politics

8: State Legislatures and Public Policy

9: Governors and the Challenge of Executive Leadership

10: Administrators and the Implementation of Policy

11: Courts, Crime, and Corrections in American States

12: Financing State and Local Governments

13: Poverty and Social Welfare Policies

14: Education

15: Infrastructure Policies: Transportation and Housing and Community Development

16: Regulating the Environment

17: State and Community Economic Development Policies

Appendix: Career Prospects in State and Local Government

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Politics and Policy in States and Communities, CourseSmart etextbook, 10th Edition
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