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Power, Politics, and Society: An Introduction to Political Sociology

By Betty Dobratz, Linda Waldner, Timothy Buzzell

Published by Routledge

Published Date: Feb 3, 2011

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Power, Politics & Society: An Introduction to Political Sociology discusses how sociologists have organized the study of politics into conceptual frameworks, and how each of these frameworks foster a sociological perspective on power and politics in society. This includes discussing how these frameworks can be applied to understanding current issues and other "real life" aspects of politics. The authors connect with students by engaging them in activities where they complete their own applications of theory, hypothesis testing, and forms of inquiry.

Table of Contents

1. Power 2.  Role of the State 3. Politics, Culture & Social Processes 4. Politics of Everyday Life: Political Economy 5. Politics of Everyday Life: Social Institutions and Social Relations 6. Political Participation 7. Elections and Voting 8. Social Movements 9. Violence and Terrorism 10. Globalization