Power Up Your Confidence: How to master the ultimate business skill

By Alice Muir

Published by FT Press

Published Date: Feb 6, 2014


‘This is terrific. A friendly and sensible guide for anyone needing to give their confidence a boost.’

Dr David Lewis, Chairman and Director of Research, Mindlab International Ltd


Professionally speaking, there’s nothing more important than confidence.


It’s the single skill that matters most – whatever the situation. From meetings and presentations to negotiating, selling and managing staff, better confidence will give you better results. It’ll make you more capable and convincing, it’ll raise your performance and prospects, and it’ll give you the courage and determination you need to succeed.


Specially written to help you build and boost your confidence at work, Power Up Your Confidence is a friendly, powerful and practical guide that’ll show you how to: 

  • Stay in control – always feel on top however tough the situation
  • Find your positive mindset – switch your confidence on whenever you need it most
  • Say what you want – be taken seriously and never regret what you didn’t say
  • Look self-assured – be convincing even when you don’t feel it
  • Be more resilient   bounce straight back from any knocks on the way

Whatever you do and wherever you do it, to be at your best and grasp success, you need to power up your confidence.


‘Packed full of easy-to-use gems, helpful hints, tips and observations to enhance your confidence at work and beyond.’ Ann McCracken, Managing Director, AMC2 and Vice President, ISMAuk


‘Powerful approaches that work – highly effective and well worth reading!’

Nicki Beveridge, Fellow CIPD, member ISMA, business coach and HR consultant

Table of Contents

About the author




1. Make confidence work for you

2. How to have a confident mindset

3. How to say what you really want

4. Speaking in front of others

5. Effortless ways to give the impression you want

6. Getting on with other people

7. How to be more resilient

8. Keep going and stay confident


Appendix 1:  Useful contacts

Appendix 2 : Hint for Chapter 2  flipping cube activity



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