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Power Verbs for Career Consultants, Coaches, and Mentors: Hundreds of Verbs and Phrases to Get the Best Out of Your Employees, Teams, and Clients

By Michael Lawrence Faulkner

Published by Pearson FT Press

Published Date: May 28, 2013



all your personal interactions,

and help all your colleagues and clients

reach their full potential!


The right verbs

     •    make you unforgettable

     •    ignite passion and illuminate purpose

     •    make people desperately want to take action


Grab the right verb and use it the right way to:

Help others find new strength and perseverance

Celebrate successes and kindle new sparks of possibility

Transform obstacles into challenges that can be attacked and overcome

Build powerful teams and support networks

Use every form of communication to transform mentees’ opportunities and lives


Jam-packed with examples drawing on thousands of years of storytelling, literature, and experience

Indispensable for everyone who wants to help others succeed and flourish!

Table of Contents

Introduction     1
CHAPTER 1 The Technology and Power of Language     3
Let’s Take a Moment and Think about Language     3
What Is the Special Significance of Language?     6
The Power of Words     7
Using Words in Special Ways     11
The Impact of Power Verbs     16
CHAPTER 2 The Connection Between Communications and Success     19
The Connection Between Communications and Success in Mentoring, Career Counseling, and Coaching     19
Pronunciation Notes     22
Verb Forms     23
CHAPTER 3 How to Use This Book     27
Additional Support for You     27
CHAPTER 4 Hundreds of Power Verbs for Career Consultants, Coaches, and Mentors     33
Sources     218
Index     223