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Practical Computing, CourseSmart eTextbook, 3rd Edition

By Lynn Hogan, Amy M. Rutledge

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: Dec 30, 2011

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For all beginning-level courses in¿ computing.


Practical Computing addresses the unique challenges novices face in mastering PCs, combining user-friendly design, creative multimedia tools, and a focus on useful skills students can apply immediately, either at home or in the workplace.

Table of Contents

Practical Computing 3rd Edition 


Chapter 1

Understanding Computer Applications

Computer Fundamentals

Computer Applications

IN-DEPTH - Cybersecurity and Computer Forensics

Computer Careers

A LOOK BACK - General History of the Digital Computer

Computer Types

TECHNOLOGY INSIGHT - Supercomputer Applications

Software (general terminology and discussion of basics)

Application Software

Productivity Software

Word Processing




IN-DEPTH - Microsoft Office 2010 (Computing on the Go)

Entertainment and Multimedia Software

Image Editing Software

Educational and Reference Software

Gaming Software

TECHNOLOGY INSIGHT - Input, Processing, Output, and Storage (a computer system defined)

Using and Acquiring Software

Web-based Software

Shareware and Freeware

IN-DEPTH - Download Software or Purchase CD?

TECHNOLOGY INSIGHT - Computer Memory (RAM) and Computer Storage (CD, Hard disk, Flash memory)

Installing and Uninstalling Software

HANDS-ON ACTIVITY - Identifying Available Memory and Storage Space

IN-DEPTH - Uninstalling vs. Deleting

System Software

Operating System

Microsoft Windows


Mac OS

A LOOK BACK - The Evolution of Microsoft Windows

Utility Software

File Compression Utiliites

System Maintenance Utilities

HANDS-ON ACTIVITY - Performing and Scheduling System Maintenance (Defragmenting, Error Checking, Task Scheduler)

System Diagnostics

System Backup

HANDS-ON ACTIVITY - Using the Windows Action Center


Chapter 2

Understanding the Operating System and File Management

Operating System Basics


Hardware Management

Software Coordination

Memory Management


Windows 7 Desktop

Icons and Gadgets

A LOOK BACK - The Development of MS-DOS and the First Microcomputers


Start Menu

Customizing the Taskbar

Notification Area

HANDS-ON ACTIVITY - Working with the Desktop and Taskbar

Windows Management

Opening, Closing, Maximizing, and Restoring Windows

Resizing and Moving Windows

Working with Multiple Windows

Aero Peek

Windows Snap

Arranging Windows

IN-DEPTH - Windows Upgrade and Windows Update

HANDS-ON ACTIVITY - Managing Windows

Customizing a Computer System

Changing the Background and Screen Saver

Understanding Screen Resolution

TECHNOLOGY INSIGHT - Selecting a Microcomputer

Managing Peripherals

Working with User Accounts

IN-DEPTH - The Contributions of Apple, Inc.

HANDS-ON ACTIVITY - Customizing the Desktop

Managing Files and Folders

System Folders and Windows Explorer

Creating Folders


IN-DEPTH - Tips for Creating a Workable Folder Structure

Saving Files to Folders

Selecting Multiple Files and Folders

IN-DEPTH - Moving Folders From One Location to Another

HANDS-ON ACTIVITY - Creating Folders and Files

Windows Search

Search From the Start Menu

Search From Windows Explorer

IN-DEPTH - Using Wildcards When Searching

Windows Help

HANDS-ON ACTIVITY - Searching and Using Windows Help

A LOOK BACK - The History of Digital Computers


Chapter 3

Navigating the Internet

Understanding the Internet

Internet Applications






Browser Security

A LOOK BACK - The Evolution of the World Wide Web

Connecting to the Internet


IN-DEPTH - Free Internet Connection

Home Computer Wireless Connection

Connecting with a SmartPhone

IN-DEPTH - Tips for Using Public WIFI

HANDS-ON ACTIVITY - Surfing the Web

Searching the Internet

Search Engines

IN-DEPTH - BING and Google

Search Techniques

TECHNOLOGY INSIGHT - Creating a Web Page

HANDS-ON ACTIVITY - Searching the Web

Downloading From the Internet

Why and How to Download

Safeguards When Downloading

IN-DEPTH - Downloading vs. Uploading

Societal Issues of the Internet

Consumer Security

Inappropriate Web Sites

HANDS-ON ACTIVITY - Exploring Sites Promoting Internet Security and Appropriate Web Protocol


Chapter 4

Working with PowerPoint

Understanding PowerPoint

Identifying an Audience

Beginning and Opening a PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint Views

Navigating a Presentation in Slide Show

Saving a Presentation

Modifying a Presentation

Editing Slides

Managing Slides

Working with Themes

Changing Slide Layout

Previewing and Printing a Presentation

Including Headers and Footers

Modifying Print Properties

Inserting Objects

Adding ClipArt and Pictures

Creating Charts

Working with Tables

Exploring SmartArt

Including Shapes and Text Boxes

HANDS-ON ACTIVITY - Creating a PowerPoint Presentation and Adding Objects

Adding Multimedia

Working with Music

Including Videos

Editing Multimedia

Broadcasting a Slide Show

Adding Transitions and Animation

Creating a Photo Album

HANDS-ON ACTIVITY - Including Multimedia in a PowerPoint Presentation


Chapter 5

Working with Word

Understanding Word

Beginning and Opening a Word Document

Word Views

Navigating a Document

Saving a Document

Modifying a Document

Selecting Text

Character Formatting

Paragraph Formatting

Document Formatting

Setting Tabs

Checking Spelling and Grammar

Finding and Replacing Text

Cutting, Copying and Pasting

HANDS-ON ACTIVITY - Creating and Editing a Word Document

Working with Word Options

Previewing and Printing a Document

Including Headers and Footers

Modifying Print Properties

Inserting Objects

Adding ClipArt and Pictures

Including WordArt

Adding Tables

HANDS-ON ACTIVITY - Working with Word Objects


Chapter 6

Working with Excel

Understanding Excel

Beginning and Opening an Excel Workbook

Excel Views

Navigating a Worksheet

Saving a Workbook

Modifying a Worksheet

Editing Cell Contents

Including Formulas

Adjusting Alignment

Changing Row Height and Column Width

Copying and Moving Cell Contents

Absolute and Relative Referencing

HANDS-ON ACTIVITY - Creating and Editing a Workbook

Working with Multiple Worksheets

Renaming, Moving, and Delete Worksheets

Creating Linking Formulas

Working with Functions

HANDS-ON ACTIVITY - Working with Functions and Multiple Worksheets


Chapter 7

Understanding Networking and Computer Security

Networking Basics

Peer-to-Peer Networks

Client/server Networks

Creating a Home Computer Network

Wired and Wireless Networks

Home Networking Equipment

Securing a Home Computer Network


Home Computer Security


IN-DEPTH - Virus symptoms


Spyware and Malware

IN-DEPTH - Cookies


IN-DEPTH - Prevention of Identity Theft

HANDS-ON ACTIVITY - Testing a Computer's Vulnerability

TECHNOLOGY INSIGHT - Denial of Service (DoS) Attack

Windows 7 and Internet Explorer Security Features

Windows Firewall

Windows Defender

User Account Control

Action Center

HANDS-ON ACTIVITY - Exploring Windows 7 Security

Windows Update

IE Security and Privacy Settings

TECHNOLOGY INSIGHT - Backing up Computer Data

HANDS-ON ACTIVITY - Adjusting Internet Explorer Security Settings


Chapter 8

Exploring Online Communication and Cloud Computing

Online Communication


IN-DEPTH - Online Etiquette


Social Networking

IN-DEPTH - Staying Safe Online


IN-DEPTH - Using Twitter to Market a Business

Text Message

Instant Message

IN-DEPTH - Wikipedia


RSS Feed


A LOOK BACK - The History of E-Mail


IN-DEPTH - News Feeds

HANDS-ON ACTIVITY - Communicating Online

Cloud Computing

IN-DEPTH - Companies Involved in Cloud Computing

Document Sharing and Online Productivity Software

Web Apps and Skydrive


Google Apps


Social Bookmarking

Photo Sharing

IN-DEPTH - Photo Sites

HANDS-ON ACTIVITY - Sharing Files, Documents, and Photos


Chapter 9

Exploring Digital Entertainment and Multimedia Applications

A Definition of Digital

Digital Photography

Digital Camera Specifications

IN-DEPTH - Photo Sharing Sites

Transferring Pictures to a Computer

Sharing Digital Pictures


Editing Digital Pictures

IN-DEPTH - Image Editing Software

HANDS-ON ACTIVITY - Using Windows Photo Gallery

Digital Video

Recording Video

IN-DEPTH - Video Editing in Microsoft Office 2010

Transferring Video to a Computer

Uploading Video to YouTube

Editing Video

TECHNOLOGY INSIGHT - Capturing YouTube Video

HANDS-ON ACTIVITY - Using Windows MovieMaker


Downloading Music

IN-DEPTH - Legal Considerations When Downloading Multimedia

Using Portable Music Players

HANDS-ON ACTIVITY - Including Music and Video in PowerPoint

Business Applications

Video Conferencing

Broadcasting PowerPoint


Learning Platforms





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