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Practical Research Methods for Nonprofit and Public AdministratorsCourseSmart eTextbook

By Elizabethann O'Sullivan, Gary R. Rassel, Jocelyn DeVance Taliaferro

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Nov 23, 2010

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·   To be used as a supplement in an array of courses dedicated to nonprofit and public administration, particularly those wherein professionally-oriented students expect in-depth attention to applications.

Table of Contents

SECTION I. Research in Nonprofit and Public Programs: The Basics

Chapter 1. Research in Public and Nonprofit Programs: The Basics

Chapter 2. Measurement

Chapter 3. Ethical Treatment of Research Subjects


SECTION II. Performance Measurement Systems: Their Design and Analysis

Chapter 4. Designing Performance Measures and Monitoring Systems

Chapter 5. Analyzing Performance Measures


SECTION III. Citizen Surveys: Their Design and Analysis

Chapter 6. Selecting and Contacting Subjects

Chapter 7. Questions and Questionnaire for Surveys and Interviews

Chapter 8. Analyzing Survey Data: Describing Relationships Among Variables

Chapter 9. Generalizing from Survey Findings: Applying Inferential Statistics

Chapter 10. Analyzing Interviews and Open-Ended Questions


SECTION V. Programs and Communities

Chapter 11. Research to Evaluate Programs

Chapter 12. Community Needs Assessment

Chapter 13. Working with Geographic Information Systems

Chapter 14. Communicating Findings


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Practical Research Methods for Nonprofit and Public AdministratorsCourseSmart eTextbook
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