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Prealgebra, 4th Edition

By Tom Carson

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Dec 27, 2011


Addressing individual learning styles, Tom Carson presents targeted learning strategies and a complete study system to guide students to success. Carson’s Study System, presented in the “To the Student” section at the front of the text, adapts to the way each student learns, and targeted learning strategies are presented throughout the book to guide students to success. Tom speaks to students in everyday language and walks them through the concepts, explaining not only how to do the math, but also where the concepts come from and why they work.

Table of Contents

1. Whole Numbers

1.1 Introduction to Numbers, Notation, and Rounding

1.2 Adding and Subtracting Whole Numbers; Solving Equations

1.3 Multiplying Whole Numbers; Exponents

1.4 Dividing Whole Numbers; Solving Equations

1.5 Order of Operations; Mean, Median, and Mode

1.6 More with Formulas

Summary and Review

Practice Test


2. Integers

2.1 Introduction to Integers

2.2 Adding Integers

2.3 Subtracting Integers and Solving Equations

2.4 Multiplying and Dividing Integers; Exponents; Square Roots; Solving Equations

2.5 Order of Operations

2.6 Additional Applications and Problem Solving

Summary and Review

Practice Test

Chapters 1-2 Cumulative Review Exercises


3. Expressions and Polynomials

3.1 Translating and Evaluating Expressions

3.2 Introduction to Polynomials; Combining Like Terms

3.3 Adding and Subtracting Polynomials

3.4 Exponent Rules; Multiplying Polynomials

3.5 Prime Numbers and GCF

3.6 Exponent Rules; Introduction to Factoring

3.7 Additional Applications and Problem Solving

Summary and Review

Practice Test

Chapters 1-3 Cumulative Review Exercises


4. Equations

4.1 Equations and Their Solutions

4.2 The Addition Principle of Equality

4.3 The Multiplication Principle of Equality

4.4 Translating Word Sentences to Equations

4.5 Applications and Problem Solving

Summary and Review

Practice Test

Chapters 1-4 Cumulative Review Exercises


5. Fractions and Rational Expressions

5.1 Introduction to Fractions

5.2 Simplifying Fractions and Rational Expressions

5.3 Multiplying Fractions, Mixed Numbers, and Rational Expressions

5.4 Dividing Fractions, Mixed Numbers, and Rational Expressions

5.5 Least Common Multiple

5.6 Adding and Subtracting Fractions, Mixed Numbers, and Rational Expressions

5.7 Order of Operations; Evaluating and Simplifying Expressions

5.8 Solving Equations

Summary and Review

Practice Test

Chapters 1-5 Cumulative Review Exercises


6. Decimals

6.1 Introduction to Decimal Numbers

6.2 Adding and Subtracting Decimal Numbers

6.3 Multiplying Decimal Numbers; Exponents with Decimal Bases

6.4 Dividing Decimal Numbers; Square Roots with Decimals

6.5 Order of Operations and Applications in Geometry

6.6 Solving Equations and Problem Solving

Summary and Review

Practice Test

Chapters 1-6 Cumulative Review Exercises


7. Ratios, Proportions, and Measurement

7.1 Ratios, Probability, and Rates

7.2 Proportions 475

7.3 American Measurement; Time

7.4 Metric Measurement

7.5 Converting between Systems; Temperature

7.6 Applications and Problem Solving

Summary and Review

Practice Test

Chapters 1-7 Cumulative Review Exercises


8. Percents

8.1 Introduction to Percent

8.2 Solving Basic Percent Sentences

8.3 Solving Percent Problems (Portions)

8.4 Solving Problems Involving Percent of Increase or Decrease

8.5 Solving Problems Involving Interest 

Summary and Review

Practice Test

Chapters 1-8 Cumulative Review Exercises


9. More with Geometry and Graphs

9.1 Points, Lines, and Angles

9.2 The Rectangular Coordinate System

9.3 Graphing Linear Equations

9.4 Applications with Graphing

Summary and Review

Practice Test

Chapters 1-9 Cumulative Review Exercises



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