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Precalculus Investigations: A Laboratory Manual, Preliminary Edition

By Gary M. Simundza, Marcia A. Kemen, Robert C. Cournoyer, Anita T. Penta, Charlene F. Solomon, Richard T. Goller, Dwight F. Horan

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Sep 28, 1998

Table of Contents

 1. Aircraft Navigation I.

 2. Aircraft Navigation II.

 3. Air Pollution.

 4. Buckling of Slender Columns.

 5. Building Site Excavation.

 6. Computing Interest I.

 7. Computing Interest II.

 8. Concrete Strength Testing.

 9. Construction Project Cost and Machine Tooling.

10. Design of Spiral and Circular Stairs.

11. Design of a Straight Staircase.

12. Electronic Circuit Design.

13. Engineering Measurement.

14. Geodesic Domes.

15. Geometry of Design.

16. Getting a Charge out of Math.

17. Lease Space Analysis.

18. Life Cycle Cost Analysis.

19. Logic Gates.

20. Medication Dosing.

21. Milling Machine.

22. Noise Pollution.

23. Quality Assurance in Machining.

24. Robotics.

25. Shear and Bending Moment I.

26. Shear and Bending Moment II.

27. Soil Pressure.

28. Strength of Materials.

29. Temperature Sensing Diode.

30. Temperature and Volume.

31. Topics in Staircase Design.

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Precalculus Investigations: A Laboratory Manual, Preliminary Edition

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