Premises and Conclusions: Symbolic Logic for Legal Analysis

By Robert E. Rodes, Howard Pospesel

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Dec 5, 1996

Table of Contents


1. Introduction.

Arguments. Key Terms. Logic and the Law.

2. Propositional Logic.

And. If. Not. Or. Iff. Derived Rules. Truth Tables.

3. Predicate Logic.

Symbolization. Proofs. Propositional Analogues. Interpretations. Relations. Identity. Analysis by Instantiation.

4. Disputations.

What are Disputations? Denials. Pleading. Distinguo. Affirmative Defenses.

5. Pitfalls and Paradoxes.

Necessary and Sufficient Conditions. Problematic Universal Statements. The Paradox of Material Implication. Quantifier Scope. Existential Import.

6. Intensional Contexts.

Extensional and Intensional Contexts. Recognizing Intensional Contexts. Examples and Strategies. Intent, Risk, and Inchoate Crimes.

7. Conclusion.

Analogical and Deductive Legal Reasoning.


Deontic Logic. Formation Rules. Alternative Symbols. Solutions to Starred Exercises. Rules of Inference.


Table of Cases.

Table of Statutes and Rules.


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