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Preparing for the Calculus AP Exam with Calculus: Graphical Numerical Algebraic

By Ray Barton, John Brunsting, John Diehl, Greg Hill, Karyl Tyler, Steve Wilson

Published by Addison-Wesley

Published Date: Mar 29, 2005

Table of Contents

Part I: Introduction to the AP* AB and BC Calculus Exams


Part II: Precalculus Review of Calculus Prerequisites

Calculus Prerequisites:

Precalculus - A Preparation of Calculus



Polynomial Functions

Rational Functions

Exponential Functions

Sinusoidal Functions

More Trigonometric Functions

Inverse Trigonometric Functions

Parametric Relations

Numerical Derivatives and Integrals


Part III: Calculus Review of AB and BC Topics

Functions, Graphs, and Limits: 

Analysis of Graphs 

Limits of Functions

Asymptotic and Unbounded Behavior

Function Magnitudes and Their Rates of Change


Intermediate and Extreme Value Theorems

Parametric, Polar, and Vector Functions


Concept of the Derivative

Differentiability and Continuity

Slope of a Curve at a Point

Local Linearity

Instantaneous Rate of Change

Relationships Between the Graphs of f and f'

The Mean Value Theorem

Equations Involving Derivatives

Correspondences Between the Graphs of f, f' and f" 

Points of Inflection

Concavity of Functions

Extreme Value of Functions

Analysis of Parametric, Polar, and Vector Curves


Related Rates

Implicit Differentiation

Derivative as a Rate of Change


Euler's Method

L'Hopital's Rule

Derivatives of Basic Functions

Derivative Rules

Chain Rule Explorations

Chain Rule

Derivatives of Parametric, Polar, and Vector Functions


Riemann Sums

Definite Integral of a Rate of Change

Basic Properties of Definite Integrals

Applications of Integrals

Fundamental Theorem of Calculus

Antiderivative Basics

Integration by Substitution

Integration by Parts

Integration by Simple Partial Fractions

Improper Integrals

Initial Value Problems

Separable Differential Equations

Numerical Approximations to Definite Integrals

Polynomial Approximations and Series:

Concept of Series

Geometric, Harmonic and Alternating Series

Integral Test, Ratio Test, Comparison Test

Taylor Polynomials

Maclaurin and Taylor Series

Manipulating Taylor Series

Power Series

Radius and Interval of Convergence

Lagrange Error Bound


Part IV: Practice Examinations

AB Exam 1

AB Exam 2

BC Exam 1

BC Exam 2


Part V: Answers and Solutions

Solutions for Part 2: Precalculus Review of Calculus Prerequisites

Solutions for Part 3: Calculus Review of AB and BC Topics

AB Exam 1 Solutions

AB Exam 2 Solutions

BC Exam 1 Solutions

BC Exam 2 Solutions



Additional Course Materials

Graphing Calculator Reference Card, 3rd Edition

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