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Primary Preventive Dentistry, CourseSmart eTextbook, 7th Edition

By Norman O. Harris, Franklin Garcia-Godoy, Christine Nielsen Nathe

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: Sep 1, 2008

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A landmark text, Primary Preventive Dentistry comprehensively presents the science and practice of preventive assessment and treatment modalities of preventive dental care.  This seventh edition strives to enhance the readability of this book for dental hygiene and dental students.  Moreover, the website has been enhanced to provide further opportunities for student study and case studies are available for student’s comprehension of total care.  The book is sequenced in four units to further organize the material for reader understanding and comprehension. 

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Primary Preventive Dental Concepts


1.  Introduction to and Historical Perspective of Primary Preventive Dentistry


Etiology of Dental Diseases and Conditions


2.  Dental Plaque

3.  Dental Caries

4.  Periodontal Disease

5.  Oral Cancer

6.  Dental Trauma

7.  Host Mechanisms in the Oral Cavity


Preventive Strategies


8.  Toothbrushes and Toothbrushing Methods

9.  Dentifrices, Mouthrinses and Chewing Gums

10.  Oral Health Self-Care Supplemental Measures

11.  Community Water Fluoridation

12.  Topical Fluoride Therapies

13.  Dental Sealants

14.  Nutrition

15.  Sugar and Other Sweeteners

16.  Professional Dental Hygiene Care

17.  Health Education and Promotion Theories

18.  Tobacco Cessation

19.  Athletic Mouthguards

20.  Technological Advances in the Dental Care



Public Health and Target Populations


21.  Dental Public Health

22.  Target Population Descriptions and Preventive Strategies

            a.  Pregnancy and Infancy

b.  Pediatrics

            c.  Adults (including women’s health)

            d.  Geriatrics

            e.  Populations with Medical Conditions/Diseases

            f.  Developmental Disabilities

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