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Principles of Behavior: Seventh Edition, 7th Edition

By Richard Malott, Joseph T. Shane

Published by Psychology Press

Published Date: Oct 17, 2013


Since the first edition of Principles of Behavior, the authors have sought to address the unique needs of students. This title has been written so that students of all levels will benefit from a solid introduction to the principles of behavior. The authors have laid the groundwork for behavior analysis through an exploration of experimental, applied, and theoretical concepts. Case studies and everyday examples help readers apply principles of behavior to real life.

About the Book:

This book also is integrated with the Behavior Analyst Certification Board task list and serves as an excellent introduction to many of the BACB tasks.

Table of Contents

Basic Behavioral Contingencies

Chapter 1:                 The Reinforcer (Positive Reinforcer)

Chapter 2:                 Reinforcement (Positive Reinforcement)

Chapter 3:                 Escape (Negative Reinforcement)

Chapter 4:                 Punishment (Positive Punishment)

Chapter 5:                 Penalty (Negative Punishment) 

Chapter 6:                 Extinction (Following Reinforcement) and Recovery (Following Punishment)

Chapter 7:                 Differential Reinforcement and Differential Punishment  

Chapter 8:                 Shaping  


Chapter 9:                 Unlearned  Reinforcers, Unlearned Aversive Stimuli, (Unconditioned Reinforcers, Unconditioned Punishers) and the Motivating Operation  

Chapter 10:                           Special Motivating Operations

Chapter 11:               Learned Reinforcers and Learned Aversive Stimuli (Conditioned Reinforcers and Conditioned Punishers)

Stimulus Control

Chapter 12:               Discrimination

Chapter 13:               Complex Stimulus Control

Chapter 14:               Imitation

Complex Behavioral Contingencies

Chapter 15:               Avoidance

Chapter 16:               Punishment by Prevention (Differential Reinforcement of Other Behavior-- DRO)

Chapter 17:               Ratio Schedules

Chapter 18:               Interval Schedules

Chapter 19:               Concurrent Contingencies

Chapter 20:               Behavioral Chains and Differential Reinforcement of Low Rate

Respondent Conditioning

Chapter 22:               Rule-Governed Behavior: Concepts

Chapter 23:               Rule-Governed Behavior: Applications

Chapter 24:               Rule-Governed Behavior: Theory

Chapter 25:               Pay for Performance  

Chapter 26A:            Sexuality (now on 

Chapter 26B:            Moral and Legal Control (now on

Behavioral Stability Across Time and Space

Chapter 27:               Maintenance

Chapter 28:            Transfer

Research Methods

Chapter 29:               Research Methods  

Jobs and Grad School

Chapter 30:               Jobs and Grad School (now on