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Proactive Security Administration, CourseSmart eTextbook, 2nd Edition

By George E. Curtis, R. Bruce McBride

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: Jul 26, 2010

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For all introductory courses in security, security management, and security administration.


This completely updated book introduces current theory, critical issues, and best practices for the proactive delivery of security services. It offers balanced, realistic, and thorough treatment of both public and private sectors, as well as up-to-date coverage of cooperation between them. Authored by professionals active in the field, it covers topics ranging from planning to training, global security to the specific challenges of protecting humans, property, and assets in diverse settings. This edition’s extensive updates include an entire chapter on enterprise risk management; a new chapter merging homeland security and emergency management; and new chapters on both compliance and emerging trends in security.

Table of Contents


About the Authors

1.         Introduction: Development of Security in the United States

2.         Legal Basis

3.         Proactive Security Planning

4.         Risk Mitigation

5.         Securing Critical Assets–Humans and Property

6.         Securing Assets

7.         Securing Assets: Specific Industries

8.         Investigating Security Incidents

9.         Homeland Security and Emergency Management

10.       Human Resources

11.       Security Management and Compliance

12.       Training

13.       Global Security

14.       Future of Security


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