Problem Solving in Physiology

By Joel A. Michael, Allen A. Rovick

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Aug 30, 2019


Problem Solving in Physiology, First Edition encourages critical thinking/reasoning as it develops both quantitative and qualitative problem-solving skills through the use of "applied" problems and scenarios. All problems are categorized by body systems. This book asks what it means to understand physiology and then focuses on solving physiology problems pertaining to body systems including muscular, nervous, cardiovascular, respiration, renal, endocrine and gastrointestinal.

Table of Contents


1. What Does It Mean to Understand Physiology?

2. Solving Physiology Problems.

Unit 1. Cell.

Unit 2. Muscle.

Unit 3. Heart Muscle.

Unit 4. Nervous System.

Unit 5. Cardiovascular.

Unit 6. Respiration.

Unit 7. Renal.

Unit 8. Endocrine.

Unit 9. Gastrointestinal.

Unit 10. Compartments.

Unit 11. Acid Base.

Appendix: Normal Values.



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Problem Solving in Physiology

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