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Procurement of Hospitality Resources, CourseSmart eTextbook

By David K. Hayes, Jack D. Ninemeier

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: Feb 10, 2009

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For courses in Purchasing in the Hospitality Industry, Food and Beverage Purchasing, and Procurement in the Hospitality Industry.


Taking a value-oriented approach, Procurement of Hospitality Resources emphasizes how buyers must maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with their suppliers–rather than taking a strict win/lose pricing strategy.  Offering a global vision, it includes specialty foods, such as organic, Kosher and Halal foods, and devotes entire chapters to evaluation, international purchasing, and procurement for hotels.   Students are directed to additional on-line resources through in-text features and mini case projects provide ample opportunity to apply concepts in individual and group settings.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Part 1:  Foundation of Procurement


Chapter 1.  Scope of Procurement

            Hospitality Industry Overview

            What is Procurement?

            Objectives of Effective Procurement

            Overview of Procurement

            Factors Affecting Procurement

            Roles of Procurement Team Members

            Evolution of Procurement Systems


Chapter 2.  Product Flow Through the Marketplace

            Distribution Channels

            Channel Flow Begins With the Order

Supply Chain Management and Hospitality Purchases

            Case Study:  Franchisor Food Distribution System


Chapter 3.  Legal and Ethical Aspects of Procurement

            Legal Aspects of Procurement

            Ethical Aspects of Procurement


Part 2:  Management of the Procurement Process


Chapter 4.  Quality and Purchasing Specifications

            What is Quality?

            Purchase Specifications: Overview

            Development of Purchase Specifications

            Purchase Specifications Information

            Implementing Purchase Specifications


Chapter 5.  Make or Buy Analysis


            Responsibilities For Make or Buy Decisions

            Factors Impacting Make or Buy Analysis

            Close Look At Make or Buy Analysis Process

            Examples of Make or Buy Cost Comparisons

            Implementing Results of Make or Buy Analysis

            Evaluating Make or Buy Decisions


Chapter 6.  Determining Purchase Quantities

            Correct Purchase Quantities Are Important

            Factors Affecting Purchasing Quantities

            Traditional Purchasing Methods

            Forecasting And Production Schedules

            Non-traditional Purchasing Systems


Chapter 7.  Managing the Purchase Price

            Determinants of Sellers’ Prices

            Specific Factors Affecting Hospitality Pricing

            Price Discounts

            Services Pricing


Chapter 8.  Supplier Sourcing and Relations

            Importance of Supplier Sourcing Decisions

            Characteristics of Desirable Suppliers

            Supplier Sourcing Decisions

            Other Suppliers Sourcing Issues

            Supplier Relations

            Supplier Evaluation Process


Chapter 9.  Procurement Negotiations

            What Is Negotiation?

            Successful Negotiation Traits

            Steps In Negotiation Process


Chapter 10.  Supplier Contact — The Ordering Process

            Overview of Ordering Process

            Close Look at Ordering Process

            More About The Ordering Process

            The Purchase Order

            Timing Concerns

            Expediting Procedures

            Technology And The Ordering Process


Chapter 11.  Product Receiving and Storing: Principles and Procedures

            Receiving and Storing: Integral To Procurement

            Receiving Essentials

            Basic Receiving Procedures

            Special Receiving Concerns

            Storing Essentials

            Basic Storing Procedures

            Special Storing Concerns


Chapter 12.  Procurement Accounting and Follow-Up

            Purchasing And The Accounting Process

            Accounting Requires Documentation

            Payment Policies And Procedures

            Special Accounting Concerns

            Security Concerns and Procurement Accounting

            Relationship Between Accounting and Purchasing Staff


Part 3:  Quality Considerations in Food and Beverage Product Purchasing


Chapter 13.  Meats, Poultry, Game and Seafood





            Product Receiving and Storage


Chapter 14.  Produce, Dairy, and Egg Products


            Dairy Products

            Egg Products

            Product Receiving and Storage


Chapter 15.  Complementary Foods


            Fats and Oils


            Convenience Foods

            Specialized Food Products

            Product Receiving and Storage




Chapter 16.  Beverages

            Non Alcoholic Beverages

            Alcoholic Beverages

            Product Receiving and Storage


Chapter 17.  Food Service Purchases:  Non-Food Items

            Dining Room Supplies

            Take-Out Packaging

            Back of House Supplies

            Cleaning Supplies


Part 4:  Quality Considerations in Other Hospitality Purchases


Chapter 18.  Procurement for Lodging Facilities

            Guest Room Supplies

            Guest Room Services

            Public Area Guest Services

            Lodging Staff Supplies


Chapter 19.  Procurement of Hospitality Services

            Purchasing Essential Services

            Control of Essential Service Costs

            Essential Services Billing

            Purchasing Additional Services

            Evaluation of Vendor Services


Chapter 20.  Procurement of Capital Equipment

            Capital Expense Purchases and Operating Expense Purchases

            Capital Purchase Needs Assessment

            Purchasing Furnishings, Fixtures, and Equipment

            Capital Purchasing Financing


Chapter 21.  Procurement of Technology-Related Products and Services

            Considerations in Technology Procurement

            Procurement of Advanced Technology Products

            Monitoring Advancements in Hospitality-Oriented Technology Products


Part 5:  Global Procurement and Procurement System


Chapter 22.  Purchasing in the Global Marketplace

            Role of Global Purchasing Professionals

            Challenges in International Purchasing

            International Purchasing Process

            Other International Purchasing Concerns

            Case Studies in International Purchasing


Chapter 23.  Evaluating and Improving Procurement Systems

            Evaluation and Effective Procurement

            Reasons to Evaluate Procurement

            Overview of Evaluation and Improvement Process

            More About Procurement Problem-solving

            Purchasing Goals Affect Purchasing Evaluations

            Procurement Evaluation Factors

            “Intelligent Customer” Evaluation

            Benchmarking Procurement Practices

            Implementing Procurement Improvement Changes

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