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Professionalism in Early Childhood Education: Doing Our Best for Young Children, CourseSmart eTextbook

By Stephanie Feeney

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Sep 13, 2011

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This book investigates what it means to be an early childhood professional and discusses the knowledge, skills and traits exemplary early childhood educators must possess.


Written for those entering the field or striving to grow within the profession, the book helps readers understand the nature of professions, what it means to behave in a professional way, and where they stand in their own professional journey. Chapters are devoted to moral and technical competence and explain what the terms profession and professional mean. Complete with self-assessments and first-hand accounts, readers learn what it means to be an educator who embodies the highest standards of professionalism in their work with children, families and colleagues.

Table of Contents


·        How I came to write this book

·        Why address this topic now?

·        A note to college teachers and trainers


CHAPTER 1—What is a Profession?

·        Origins of professions

·        What do the terms mean?

·        Criteria for determining if an occupation is a profession

·        A continuum of professions

·        How should professionals behave?

·        Issues regarding professions


CHAPTER 2—Is Early Childhood Education a Profession?   

·        Historical influences on the field of ECE

·        How does early childhood education meet the criteria for a profession?

·                  Where do we stand?

·                  Do we want to be a profession?

·                  Which way should we go from here?


CHAPTER 3—Personal attributes

·        What should early childhood educators be like?

·        What you bring into the world

·        Who you are as a person

·        Who you are as an educator

·        Knowing yourself

·        Final thoughts


CHAPTER 4—Knowledge and Skills

·        Historical influences on knowledge and skills needed to teach young children

·        The current landscape

·        What should early childhood educators should know and be able to do?

·        How do these things come together in practice?

·        Final thoughts         


CHAPTER 5—Professional Behavior

·        Characteristics of professional conduct

·        Doing what is right—ethics and advocacy

·        Performing the job

·        Final thoughts


CHAPTER 6—Aspiring to do your Best

·        Looking backward

·        Early childhood education as a “calling”

·        A developmental perspective

·        Basics and beyond

·        Looking forward



A—Self Assessments

B—Professional development plan

C—Recommended reading


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