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Psychological Testing: History, Principles, and Applications, CourseSmart eTestbook, 6th Edition

By Robert J. Gregory

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jul 20, 2010

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The goal of this text is to teach students about the characteristics, objectives, and wide-ranging effects of psychological testing.


In addition to the breadth of coverage of traditional topics, the sixth edition of Psychological Testing provides detailed presentations on neuropsychological and geriatric assessment, the early uses and abuses of testing, assessment of learning disabilities, testing in special settings, race differences in IQ, and cheating on national group achievement tests. The author also describes and critiques the latest versions of the most widely used tests, examine the subtleties of the testing process, and explores the value-laden issues surrounding the wisdom of testing.

Table of Contents




1. Applications and Consequences of Psychological Testing

1A. The Nature and Uses of Psychological Tests

1B. Ethical and Social Implications of Testing

2. The History of Psychological Testing

2A. The Origins of Psychological Testing

2B. Early Testing in the United States

3. Norms and Reliability

3A. Norms and Test Standardization

3B. Concepts of Reliability

4. Validity and Test Development

4A. Basic Concepts of Validity

4B. Test Construction

5. Theories and Individual Tests of Intelligence and Achievement

5A: Theories of Intelligence and Factor Analysis

5B. Individual Tests and Intelligence and Achievement

6. Group Tests and Controversies

6A: GroupTests of Ability and Related Concepts

6B. Test Bias and Other Controversies

7. Testing Special Populations

7A. Infant and Preschool Assessment

7B. Testing Persons with Disabilities

8. Origins of Personality Test

8A. Theories of Personality and Projective Techniques

8B. Self Report and Behavioral Assessment of Psychopathology

9. Assessment of Normality and Human Strengths

9A. Assessment within the Normal Spectrum

9B. Positive Psychological Assessment

10. Neuropsychological and Assessment and Screening

10A. A Primer of Neurobiological Concepts

10B. Neuropsychological Tests, Batteries, and Screening Tools

11. Industrial, Occupational and Forensic Assessment

11A. Industrial and Organizational Assessment

11B. Forensic Applications of Assessment

12. Legal Issues and the Future of Testing

12A. Psychological Testing and the Law

12B. Computerized Assessment and the Future of Testing


Appendix A. Major Landmarks in History of Psychological Testing

Appendix B. Test Publisher Addresses

Appendix C. Major Tests and Their Publishers

Appendix D. Standard Scores, etc.


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