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Psychological Testing: History, Principles and Applications, 7th Edition

By Robert J. Gregory

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Nov 7, 2013


Establishes a solid foundation of knowledge about psychological testing


Psychological testing impacts virtually every corner of modern life, from education to vocation to remediation. Psychological Testing: History, Principles, and Applications, 7/e, covers all variations of testing and explores social issues testing raises. This program provides readers extensive knowledge about the characteristics, objectives, and wide-ranging effects of psychological testing.



Table of Contents



Chapter 1:     Applications and Consequences of Psychological Testing

Chapter 2:     The History of Psychological Testing

Chapter 3:     Norms and Reliability

Chapter 4:     Validity and Test Development

Chapter 5:     Theories and Individual Tests of Intelligence and Achievement

Chapter 6:     Group Tests and Controversies

Chapter 7:     Testing Special Populations

Chapter 8:     Origins of Personality Test

Chapter 9:     Assessment of Normality and Human Strengths

Chapter 10:   Neuropsychological and Assessment and Screening

Chapter 11:   Industrial, Occupational and Forensic Assessment

Chapter 12:   Legal Issues and the Future of Testing

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