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Psychology of Learning, The: A Student Workbook

By Armando Machado, Francisco J. Silva

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jun 19, 2003

Table of Contents

Module 1: Learning and Variables.

Module 2: Graphs and Functions.

Module 3: Habituation and Its Properties.

Module 4: Basic Principles of Pavlovian Conditioning.

Module 5: Complexities of Pavlovian Conditioning.

Module 6: The Rescorla-Wagner Model: The Basics.

Module 7: The Rescorla-Wagner Model: Advanced Issues.

Module 8: Reinforcement.

Module 9: “Creating” Behavior: Shaping.

Module 10: Schedules of Reinforcement.

Module 11: Punishment, Escape, and Avoidance.

Module 12: “Simple” Stimulus Control.

Module 13: “Complex” Stimulus Control.

Module 14: Choice and Preference: The Basics of Matching Law.

Module 15: Extensions of the Matching Law.

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Psychology of Learning, The: A Student Workbook

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