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Psychology of Women, The: A Lifespan Perspective, 2nd Edition

By Claire A. Etaugh, Judith S. Bridges

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Sep 9, 2003

Table of Contents


About the Authors.

1. Introduction to the Psychology of Women: History and Research.

Definitions: Sex and Gender.

Women and Men: Similar or Different?


History of Women in Psychology.

History of the Psychology of Women.

Studying the Psychology of Women.

Themes in the Text.

2. Cultural Representation of Gender.

Stereotypes of Females and Males.


Representation of Gender in the Media.

Representation of Gender in the English Language.

3. Gender Self-Concept: Developmental Processes and Individual Differences.

Gender Self-Concept.

Prenatal Development.

Theories of Gender Typing.

Gender-Related Traits.

Gender Attitudes.

4. Infancy and Childhood.

Children's Knowledge and Beliefs about Gender.

Gender-Related Activities and Interests.

Gender-Related Social Behaviors and Personality Traits.

Influences on Gender Development.

Violence Against Girls.

5. Adolescence: Physical Development and Health Issues.




Health Issues.

6. Adolescence: Psychosocial and Cognitive Development.

Psychosocial Development.

Educational Environment and Cognitive Skills.

7. Young Adulthood: Physical Development and Health


Lesbians and Bisexual Women.

Pregnancy and Childbirth.

Mental Health and Illness.

Health Services.

8. Young Adulthood: Education and Employment

Women's Educational Value, Attainments and Campus Experiences.

Women's Work-Related Goals.

Influences on Women's Achievement Level and Career Decisions.

Entering the Workplace.

9. Young and Middle Adulthood: Employment.

Women's Decision to work, Employment Rates, and Occupational Choices.

Gender Differences in Leadership and Job Advancement.

Gender Differences in Salaries.

Sexual Harassment.

Women's Satisfaction.

Changing the Workplace.

Strategies for Women.

10. Young and Middle Adulthood: Interpersonal Issues II: Balancing Family and Work.

Attitudes Toward Women's Family and Employment Roles.

Division of Household Labor.

Family-Work Coordination.

11. Young and Middle Adulthood: Interpersonal Issues I: Close Relationships and Intimate Violence.

Communication Style.


Romantic Relationships.

Committed Relationships.

Unattached Lifestyles.


Intimate Violence.

12. Middle Adulthood: Physical Development and Health.

Physical Development.

Reproductive Functioning and Sexuality.

Physical Health.

Mental Health and Illness.

13. Later Adulthood: Physical Development and Health.

Physical Development.



Physical Health.

Mental Health.

Health Services.

Promoting Good Health.

14. Later Adulthood: Employment and Economic Issues.

The Older Woman Worker.


Leisure Activities.

Economic Issues.

15. Later Adulthood: Interpersonal Issues.

Attitudes Toward Elderly Women and Men.

Relationships in Later Life.

Widowhood or Loss of a Partner.

Living Arrangements.

Elder Abuse.

The Vital Older Woman.

16. A Feminist Future: Goals, Actions, and Attitudes.

Feminist Goals.

Actions to Achieve These Goals.

Feminist Beliefs.



Name Index.

Subject Index.


Psychology of Women, The: A Lifespan Perspective, 2nd Edition

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