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Public Administration and Public Affairs, 12th Edition

By Nicholas Henry

Published by Routledge

Published Date: Mar 7, 2012

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Updated in its 12th edition, Public Administration and Public Affairs shows readers how to govern efficiently, effectively, and responsibly in an age of political corruption and crises in public finance. With a continuing and corroding crisis occurring, as well as greater governance by nonprofit organizations and private contractors, it is vital that readers are given the skills and tools to lead in such an environment. Using easy-to-understand metaphors and an accessible writing style, Public Administration and Public Affairs shows its readers how to govern better, preparing them for a career in public administration.

Table of Contents

Part 1: In Defense of Governing Well  1: Big Democracy, Big Bureaucracy  2 Paradigms of Public Administration  Part 2: Public and Nonprofit Organizations  3 The Threads of Organization: Theories  4 The Fabric of Organizations: Forces  5 The Fibres of Organizations: People  Part 3: Public Management: Curbing Corruption, Enhancing Efficiency  6 Clarifying Complexity: The Public's Information Resource  7 The Constant Quest: Efficient and Effective Governance  8 The Public Trough: Financing and Budgeting Governments  9 Managing Human Capital in the Public and Nonprofit Sectors  Part 4: Implementing Public Policy  10 Understanding and Improving Public Policy  11 Intersectoral Administration  12 Intergovernmental Administration  13 Toward a Bureaucratic Ethic  Appendix: Becoming a Public or Nonprofit Administrator


Public Administration and Public Affairs, 12th Edition

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