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Public Policy Praxis: A Case Approach for Understanding Policy and Analysis, CourseSmart eTextbook, 2nd Edition

By Randy S. Clemons, Mark McBeth

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Aug 5, 2008

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This readable and conceptual approach to public policy carefully balances theory and practice to provide students at all levels with a solid grounding in policy analysis. 


Authors Randy S. Clemons and Mark K. McBeth explore the impact of mixed methodologies on policy analysis, supported by interesting and useful teaching cases.  Offering a balanced view of public policy, the text addresses the political basis of policy making and analysis and covers the limitations, practical problems, and ethical implications of different techniques and methodologies.  Models and tools are provided to help students develop the analytical skills necessary for policy analysis, while engaging boxes and anecdotes relate concepts to specific examples.  In addition to new coverage, this edition has been revised to make the book even more accessible to undergraduates without weakening its usefulness to graduate students.

Table of Contents



1. Public Policy, Power, the People, Pluralism, and You.

2. The Rational Public Policy Method.

3. Critiques of the Rational Approach.

4. The Nonrational (Political) Approach.





5. A Pragmatic Public Policy Analysis Method.

6. Postpositivist Problem Definition and Praxis.

7. Doing Democracy: A New Fifth Step.

8. The Positivist Toolbox.




9. The Conclusion: Praxis.


Teaching Appendix

    Exercise #1: “Teaching Story Analysis”

    Exercise #2: “Bad Policy Analysis”

    Exercise #3: “This isn’t a Hilton Hotel, Ma’am”

    Exercise #4: “Dutch Donor Delusion Deepens Divide & Delineates Decision Difficulty Dilemma”

    Exercise #5:  “Music or Muzak at the Campus Radio Station: The Effects of Different Electoral Systems on Results”

    Exercise #6:  “The Case of the School Fight”

    Exercise #7:  Role Playing Simulation: “Big River and Siting an Airport: Case for Democracy and Policy Analysis”











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Public Policy Praxis: A Case Approach for Understanding Policy and Analysis, CourseSmart eTextbook, 2nd Edition
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