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Public Speaking: Prepare, Present, Participate, CourseSmart eTextbook

By Cheri J. Simonds, Brent K. Simonds, Stephen K. Hunt, Allison N. Rattenborg

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jul 30, 2009

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Public Speaking: Prepare, Present, Participate’s student-friendly style and length, along with emphasis on media literacy and critical thinking, makes this a book students will not only read willingly, but also prepare them to get the most from their classroom experience. 


This new entry into the public speaking market, covers the traditional topics of public speaking such as: audience analysis, research, organizing and outlining, speech presentation, and types of speeches.  Special themes include critical thinking, media literacy (using analytical skills to become effective producers and consumers of information, communication competence [using knowledge, skill, motivation, and judgment]) and skills for becoming effective communicators in a democracy (demonstrating ethical communication and considering multiple perspectives on a controversial issue).


This new text is based on the comprehensive, award-winning 2008 NCA Program of Excellence teaching and learning program, for the introductory public speaking course that was developed by the authors at Illinois State University. 

Table of Contents


                       UNIT I. Laying the Foundation–IMMERSION

CHAPTER 1  Introduction to Communication

Benefits of Communication

Communication Process

Models of Communication

Themes for the Text


CHAPTER 2  Communication Confidence  

Natural Nervousness

Communication Apprehension Defined

Causes of Communication Apprehension

Effects of Communication Apprehension

Managing Communication Apprehension


CHAPTER 3  Ethical Communication

Ethics and Ethical Communication

Ethical Standards

Ethical Credo

Becoming Ethical Producers of Information

Avoid Plagiarism

Becoming Ethical Consumers of Information

Ethical Norms


CHAPTER 4  Listening and Critical Thinking

Importance of Listening

Process of Listening

Barriers to Listening

Types of Listening

Critical Listening and Critical Thinking

Improving Your Listening

Evaluating Messages Using Critical Listening



CHAPTER 5  Choosing Topics

Selecting a Topic

General Purpose

Specific Purpose

Thesis Statements


CHAPTER 6  Analyzing your Audience

Considering Your Audience

Identifying and Understanding Your Audience

Gathering Information

Adapting Your Message


CHAPTER 7   Integrating Supporting Material

Information Literacy

Developing a Research Strategy

Types of Supporting Material

Evaluating Supporting Materials

Incorporating and Documenting Supporting Materials


CHAPTER 8     Organizing Ideas

Importance of Organizing Your Ideas Clearly

Organizing Ideas Strategically

Incorporating Transitional Devices


CHAPTER 9    Outlining the Presentation    

Developing a Preparation Outline

Developing a Speaking Outline


CHAPTER 10    Beginning and Ending the Presentation

Importance of Introductions and Conclusions

Ending the Presentation


CHAPTER 11     Using Appropriate Language

Importance of Language

Oral Style and Written Style

Choosing Language


CHAPTER 12     Designing Presentation Aids           

Benefits of Visual Literacy

Types of Presentation Aids

Display Technologies

Design Considerations

Integrating the Presentation Aid into the Speech


CHAPTER 13      Delivering the Presentation 

Importance of Delivery

Methods of Delivery

Verbal Delivery

Nonverbal Delivery



CHAPTER 14       Understanding Persuasive Principles          

Why Should I Study Persuasion?

Persuasive Public Speaking

Advocating Factual Claims

Advocating Value Claims

Advocating Policy Claims


CHAPTER 15     Building Arguments

Argument Model

Persuading Through Logos

Persuading Through Ethos

Persuading Through Pathos

Developing Emotional Appeals

Critically Evaluating Arguments for Fallacies


CHAPTER 16    Using Communication in the 21st Century

Communicating in a Democracy

Use Communication for the Common Good

Consuming Messages






OUTLINE FOR INFORMATIVE SPEECH: Delta Blues: Where the Soul of ManNever Dies


ONLINE APPENDIX B: Basic PowerPoint Tips

Choosing a Template, Adding Text & Photos

Using Drawing Tools to Create Diagrams

Creating Charts and Graphs

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