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Quickbooks 2014: A Complete Course, 15th Edition

By Janet Horne

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Apr 29, 2014


QuickBooks® 2014: A Complete Course is intended for use in a one-term course in microcomputer accounting. No prior knowledge of or experience with computers, Windows, or QuickBooks is required; however, an understanding of accounting is essential to successful completion of the coursework.

Designed to present accounting concepts and their relationship to QuickBooks 2014, this text uses fictitious companies to provide hands-on training while it introduces major accounting concepts.


QuickBooks 2014: A Complete Course is a comprehensive instructional learning resource. The text provides training using the QuickBooks® Premier Accountant 2014 accounting program. While the text was written using the 2014 Accountant's version of QuickBooks Premier, it may be used with the Pro version of the program as well. (Because of the many differences between the Windows and Mac versions of QuickBooks, this text should not be used for training using QuickBooks for the Mac.)

  • Provide a Real-World Experience with Extensive Hands-On Material: This text provides students with ample opportunity to apply the concepts presented in the text and software
  • Explore the Many Features of QuickBooks using an Innovative Approach: With thorough exploration of the program in the text, students should be able to transition from training to using QuickBooks 2014 in an actual business.  
  • Keep your Course Current: This edition reflects the latest version of QuickBooks along with several changes, enhancements, and new features.

Table of Contents



Chapter 1—Introduction to QuickBooks® 2014 and Company Files


Chapter 2—Sales and Receivables: Service Business


Chapter 3—Payables and Purchases: Service Business


Chapter 4—General Accounting and End-of-Period Procedures: Service Business


Section 1 Practice Set, Service Business: Your Name at Your Service


Chapter 5—Sales and Receivables: Merchandising Business


Chapter 6—Payables and Purchases: Merchandising Business


Chapter 7—General Accounting and End-of-Period Procedures: Merchandising Business


Section 2 Practice Set, Merchandising Business: Your Name’s Ultimate Golf


Chapter 8—Payroll


Chapter 9—Creating a Company in QuickBooks


Comprehensive Practice Set: Your Name’s Capitol Books


Appendix A: QuickBooks® Program Integration


Appendix B: QuickBooks® Features


Appendix C: QuickBooks® Online Features





Quickbooks 2014: A Complete Course, 15th Edition

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