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Racial and Ethnic Groups, CourseSmart eTextbook, 13th Edition

By Richard T. Schaefer

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Nov 15, 2011

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For courses in Race and Ethnic Relations.


This best-selling Race & Ethnic Relations text is grounded in a socio-historical perspective with engaging stories and first person accounts. Racial and Ethnic Groups helps students understand the changing dynamics of the U.S. population. By using a socio-historical perspective, the author frames issues by examining our history, exploring the current situation, and discussing the concerns for the future.


Racial and ethnic relations in the United States are at a dynamic and exciting time. Major events are shaping our society, such as population and immigration changes, the election of the first African-American president, and increasing diversity throughout our society.


Table of Contents




Chapter 1:   Exploring Race and Ethnicity  

Chapter 2:   Prejudice  

Chapter 3:   Discrimination  

Chapter 4:   Immigration  

Chapter 5:   Ethnicity and Religion  

Chapter 6:   Native Americans: The First Americans 

Chapter 7:   The Making of African Americans in a White America  

Chapter 8:   African Americans Today  

Chapter 9:   Latinos: The Largest Minority  

Chapter 10: Mexican Americans and Puerto Ricans  

Chapter 11: Muslim and Arab Americans: Diverse Minorities  

Chapter 12: Asian Americans: Growth and Diversity 

Chapter 13: Chinese Americans and Japanese Americans  

Chapter 14: Jewish Americans: Quest to Maintain Identity 

Chapter 15: Women: The Oppressed Majority  

Chapter 16: Beyond the United States: The Comparative Perspective  

Chapter 17: Overcoming Exclusion  




Part I: Perspectives on Racial and Ethnic Groups


Chapter 1: Exploring Race and Ethnicity
Ranking Groups
Types of Subordinate Groups
Does Race Matter?
Biracial and Multiracial Identity – Who Am I?
Sociology and the Study of Race and Ethnicity
The Creation of Subordinate-Group Status
The Consequences of Subordinate-Group Status
Resistance and Change


Chapter 2: Prejudice

Prejudice and Discrimination
White Privilege
Theories of Prejudice
Color-Blind Racism
The Mood of the Oppressed
Intergroup Hostility
Reducing Prejudice
Ways to Fight Hate


Chapter 3: Discrimination
Understanding Discrimination
Hate Crimes
Institutional Discrimination
Discrimination Today
Wealth Inequality: Discrimination’s Legacy
Environmental Justice
Affirmative Action
Reverse Discrimination
The Glass Ceiling


Part II: Ethnic and Religious Sources of Conflict


Chapter 4: Immigration
Immigration: A Global Phenomenon
Patterns of Immigration to the United States
Today’s Foreign-Born Population
Early Immigration
Restrictionist Sentiment Increases
Contemporary Social Concerns
Illegal Immigration
Path to Citizenship: Naturalization
The Economic Impact of Immigration
Women and Immigration
The Global Economy and Immigration
The Environment and Immigration


Chapter 5: Ethnicity and Religion
Ethnic Diversity
Why Don’t We Study Whiteness?
The German Americans
The Irish Americans
The Italian Americans
The Polish Americans
Religious Pluralism


Part III: Major Racial and Ethnic Minority Groups in the United States


Chapter 6: Native Americans
Early European Contacts
Treaties and Warfare
Reservation Life and Federal Policies
Collective Action
American Indian Identity
Native Americans Today


Chapter 7: The Making of African Americans in a White America
The Challenge of Black Leadership
Reemergence of Black Protest
The Civil Rights Movement
Urban Violence and Oppression
Black Power
The Religious Force
The New Immigration


Chapter 8: African Americans Today

The Economic Picture
Family Life
Criminal Justice
Health Care


Chapter 9: Hispanic Americans
Latino Identity
The Borderlands
The Economic Picture
The Growing Political Presence
Cuban Americans
Central and South Americans


Chapter 10: Mexican Americans and Puerto Ricans
Mexican Americans
Puerto Ricans
The Contemporary Picture of Mexican Americans and Puerto Ricans


Chapter 11: Muslim and Arab Americans: Diverse Minorities

Arab Americans
Muslim Americans
Immigration to the United States
Contemporary Life in the United States


Chapter 12: Asian Americans: Growth and Diversity
The “Model-Minority” Image Explored
Political Activity and Pan-Asian Identity
Diversity among Asian Americans
Asian Indians
Filipino Americans
Southeast Asian Americans
Korean Americans
Hawaii and Its People


Chapter 13: Chinese Americans and Japanese Americans
Chinese Americans
Japanese Americans
Remnants of Prejudice and Discrimination


Chapter 14: Jewish Americans: Quest to Maintain Identity
The Jewish People: Race, Religion, or Ethnic Group?
Immigration of Jews to the United States
Anti-Semitism: Past and Present
Position of Jewish Americans
Religious Life
Jewish Identity


Part IV: Other Patterns of Dominance


Chapter 15: Women: The Oppressed Majority
Gender Roles
Sociological Perspectives
The Feminist Movement
The Economic Picture
Family Life
Political Activity
Matrix of Domination: Minority Women


Chapter 16: Beyond the United States: The Comparative Perspective
Mexico: Diversity South of the Border
Canada: Multiculturalism Up North
Brazil: Not a Racial Paradise
Israel and the Palestinians
Republic of South Africa


Chapter 17: Overcoming Exclusion

The Aged: A Social Minority
People with Disabilities: Moving On
Gays and Lesbians: Coming Out for Equality


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