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Racial and Ethnic Relations in America, CourseSmart eTextbook, 7th Edition

By S. Dale McLemore, Harriett D. Romo

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Oct 15, 2004

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This text uses a multidisciplinary approach, drawing on sociology, history, psychology, and other social sciences to focus on the factors that contribute to the merger or separation of different racial and ethnic groups in the U.S.

The authors present historical information and contemporary examples of the largest ethnic and minority groups in the United States. They analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the assimilation model in explaining how various racial and ethnic groups have been incorporated (or not) into U.S. society. Focusing on interracial and interethnic relations in the U.S., the authors give a sociological analysis of intergroup processes and the history of the interactions of racial and ethnic groups. Organized thematically rather than chronologically, the text illuminates the main racial and ethnic dilemmas faced in America.

Table of Contents

All chapters conclude with “Discussion Questions,” “Key Ideas,” “Key Terms,” and “Notes.”

1. Natives and Newcomers.

An Overview of Assimilation in America.

Development of Assimilation Theory.

Race and Ethnicity

2. Together or Apart? Some Competing Views.

Subprocesses of Assimilation.

Gordon's Theory of Assimilation Subprocesses.

Three Ideologies of Assimilation.

An Antiassimilationist View: Blauners Theory of Internal Colonialism

Two Antiassimilationist Ideologies: Separatism and Secessionism.

Using the Models of Assimilation as Descriptions.

3. The Rise of Anglo American Society.

The English Legacy.

Indian-English Relations.

Servants and Slaves.

The Colonial Irish.

The Colonial Germans.

The Revolutionary Period.

4. The Golden Door.

The First Great Immigrant Stream.

Changing Patterns of Immigration.

The Second Great Immigrant Stream.

The Third Great Immigrant Stream.

5. Nativism and Racism.


Scientific Racism.

Immigration Restriction.

Contemporary Racism.

6. African Americans: From Slavery to Segregation.

The Period of Slavery.

Immigrant or Colonized Minority?

Emancipation and Reconstruction.

The Restoration of White Supremacy.

Migration and Urbanization.

The Civil Rights Movement.

7. African Americans: Protest and Social Change.

The Rise of Direct Action.

Renewed Visibility of Black-White Conflict.

African American Assimilation.

African American “Success.”

8. Mexican Americans: From Colonized Minority to Political Activists.

The Colonial Experience.

The Immigrant Model.

Mexican Immigration and Native Reaction.

9. Puerto Ricans and Mexican Americans: Identity and Incorporation.

Identification and Diversity.

The Colonization of Puerto Rico.

Cultural Assimilation: English and Spanish.

Mexican American and Puerto Rican “Success.”

10. Native Americans: The First Americans.

The English Penetration of the Continent.

Indian Removal.

Plains Wars and Reservations.

From Separatism to Anglo Conformity.

Cycling between Anglo Conformity and Cultural Pluralism.

Pan-Indian Responses and Initiatives.

Immigrant or Colonized Minority?

Native American Assimilation

American Indian “Success.”

11. The Japanese Experience

Japanese Immigration and Native Reactions.

The Japanese Family and Community in America.

War, Evacuation, and Relocation.

Japanese American Assimilation.

Japanese American “Success.”

The Model Minority Stereotype

12. Chinese, Asian Indian, Korean, Vietnamese, Filipino, and Middle Eastern Arab Americans

Chinese Americans

Korean Americans

Filipino Americans

Asian Indian Americans

13. Vietnamese Americans, Arab Americans, and Resurgent Racism

Refugees: An International Issue

Vietnamese Americans..

Arab Americans

Resurgent Racism

14. The Future of Ethnicity.

Further Reflections on Assimilation and Ethnicity.

Consequences of Colonization and Immigration: An Alternative View.

Some Implications of the Alternative View.

Some Tentative Conclusions about Racial and Ethnic Relations in the United States.

The Future of Ethnicity in the United States.

Across National Boundaries.


Selected Federal Immigration Laws.

Reducing Prejudice and Discrimination.


Name Index.

Subject Index.

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